Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ole Ole Bali @ Sunway Pyramid

It is 2nd time I been there, Ole Ole Bali.
The food is delicious, just like the name said. 

1st, please play this video clip I took last year during my visit to Bali.
Samantha Brown, the Travel & Living channel's one of the travel host; was there to shoot video about her visit to Bali. The black shirt guy in the video was Prince of Bali. In the same time, you can listen to Bali instrumental music while reading the rest of my craps. haha.

The first time I went to Ole Ole Bali was the one in Solaris Mont Kiara. 
Amazing food and great ambience which makes you feel you are in Bali.
Oh yes I've been to Bali as well. 
Cute little umbrellas hanging in the ceiling or in the doorstep. 
Now I can't be sure whether I posted Ole Ole Bali dining experience in Solaris Mont Kiara previously (Can't find it in my blog, though...haha)
Let's share some photos here.

That day I ordered 'Chicken n Lamp Combo'.
It was huge! 
But I loved it!
The lamb was soft and easy-melting in my mouth. 
Love the black pepper sauce! 
The price is RM 32.

I guess this is 'Grilled Fillet of Dory'.
Sorry I didn't keep the receipt for review later.
You can easily find this one in the main menu.
Price : I forgot ><

This one was ordered by my partner's friend, Rick.
It is Balinese Specialty called 'Siap Megoreng'.
Deep-Fried Lemongrass Marinated Half Chicken with Sambel Tera.
Sambel Tera is actually the chili sauce. 
Maybe I will try this in my next visit then.
Price : I forgot ><

I am so sorry, most of my posts about food are incomplete.
Just now read some blog-posts from Google search, they were so great at doing it. 
Their photos were amazingly snapped, with informative lines about food taste & price. 
Well, I'm not them.
I'm not a real food blogger anyway. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Scrummy Cafe - Stupid ME!'s the truth I found out about Scrummy's voucher promotion.
This time we use voucher again of course and order the choice that we haven't had it before.
They are mushroom soup, normal salad, lamb chop with rice and banana fritter. 

So here's the case. 
I was looking through the dessert menu when doing order.
We had Bread & Butter Pudding (no picture shown in menu) as dessert in my previous post, so this time we try the other which is Banana Fritter (picture shown in menu).
When the dessert came at last, I was stunned. 
I thought I saw the picture in the menu, but it came differently.
Let's see the photo:

Picture in the menu

Order came like this:

Where's the other 2 pieces of fried banana? 
I asked my partner with my eyes and mouth open.
So the truth is, most of restaurants they are doing the same whenever they have kinds of promotion. 
In this Scrummy case, they have voucher costs RM 26.40 nett for 5 courses and of course they will cut down on the portion part. 
Okay, let's say they should do that. 
But the display was like the dish has been eaten half and left to us to eat?!?!?
Apa macam!
Now I'm wondering if this happens to Patrick Teoh, what would he has in mind! 
So now I get it also that Bread & Butter Pudding was also half cut the other night we've dined in.
Stupid me!~ hehe...

Here's the rest of the choice of the night we made.
Enjoy, everyone :)

Mushroom Soup


Lamb Chop with rice

Monday, April 11, 2011

Scrummy Cafe (Jalan Ipoh) - Voucher Promotion!

Been to Scrummy Cafe few times, which located in RiverCity, jalan Ipoh. 
The interior design and cafe layout are standard with pink color. 
I'm sure my mom would love it (pink color), hahaha.

The business is getting better and I believe its because of word of mouth.
I have to say, the food is okay with standard reasonable price. 
Friendly customer service but sometimes they 'lepak' in the corner side.

Recently they have voucher promotion.
You have to buy the voucher which will cost you RM 26.40 NETT for the meal set you'll get.
And the voucher is valid till end of the year.
You can use the voucher anytime as long as they are open. 
(please read their T&C as well)
The meal set includes: 

(1) One soup
(2) One salad
(3) One pasta - which is Prawn Aglio Olio.
(4) One main dish - choose one from the main dish menu.
(5) One dessert
(6) Free flow drink

It is very good deal and you have to get one if you live nearby.
Because from my dining experience there, the meal set was just awesome especially with only RM 26.40 nett.
It is perfect for two person (couples). 
If you don't believe, just check out my following photos of the meal set (voucher).
I'm so sorry again that I didn't remember the name of each dish but I can say it is worthy. 

(Free flow - Ice Lemon Tea)



Pasta - Prawn Aglio Olio

Main dish (I don't remember the name tho)

Dessert (about RM 5-6)

Here is two photos of some dishes they offering in menu.

Don't think! 
Just go and buy the voucher before they run out of it.
The waiter said they printed 500 piece of vouchers and finished within few days.
Now they reprint another 1000 vouchers. 
Believe it or not!

One best thing about dining in this RiverCity area is that, FREE parking for 2 hours
(one of the reason why we always go there)

Website : click here (still under construction)
Facebook : click here
Foursquare : click here

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Westin Hotel K.L. - Prego's April lunch set

The weather is getting hotter day by day here in Kuala Lumpur. 
I'm sitting on the floor carpet with air-conditioner on in living hall, wondering what shall I do this afternoon.
I know. Stop bugging me about my job.
I'm waiting for the call, okay!
Browsing through my LazyBerry Torch 9800's picture collection, I have found out there are a lot of food photos that I hadn't upload to my blog.
(Call me LAZY!)
So I gonna use this afternoon to upload my food photos.
PEOPLE, don't just see my food photo!
PLEASE read my writing as well.
(my writing sucks! YES, I know!)

So we had April lunch set in Prego, The Westin Kuala Lumpur the other day. 
It was another great dining experience.
In this April, their lunch set menu is about pasta.
You can choose 2 course or 3 course at RM38++ and RM48++ respectively. 
Please visit their website: for more details. 
You can check/download food menu or special offer in pdf format from their website.
They are doing great job with the website.

So we had 3 course at RM48++
Here's the print-menu:

Main course as you can see from above image, choose one as your preferred. 
I had maccheroni pasta and my partner had the other one.
No doubt its going to taste good.
And it did, remarkably.
Here's the photo:

Pic 1: Maccheroni con le sarde

Pic 2: Pasta alla norcina

Dessert they have waffle.
It comes with chestnut cream and the waffle was done beautifully with little bit crispy when you first bite and it just melt inside your mouth. 

Pic 3 & 4: Waffle

You can't go wrong with fine-dining restaurants especially from 5-star hotel like The Westin Hotel Kuala Lumpur. 
Everything is about excellent.
Humbly I thank to my partner who always bring me to enjoy the best of the best.
And I thank to God for this wonderful journey of life.
I guess I'm lucky enough to enjoy this prize and never stop hopefully.
(GREED is bad...duhh)

P/S: To my dearest brother, Terry. Please use your Starwood Card sometimes. Don't keep it inside your wallet. :D