Monday, April 11, 2011

Scrummy Cafe (Jalan Ipoh) - Voucher Promotion!

Been to Scrummy Cafe few times, which located in RiverCity, jalan Ipoh. 
The interior design and cafe layout are standard with pink color. 
I'm sure my mom would love it (pink color), hahaha.

The business is getting better and I believe its because of word of mouth.
I have to say, the food is okay with standard reasonable price. 
Friendly customer service but sometimes they 'lepak' in the corner side.

Recently they have voucher promotion.
You have to buy the voucher which will cost you RM 26.40 NETT for the meal set you'll get.
And the voucher is valid till end of the year.
You can use the voucher anytime as long as they are open. 
(please read their T&C as well)
The meal set includes: 

(1) One soup
(2) One salad
(3) One pasta - which is Prawn Aglio Olio.
(4) One main dish - choose one from the main dish menu.
(5) One dessert
(6) Free flow drink

It is very good deal and you have to get one if you live nearby.
Because from my dining experience there, the meal set was just awesome especially with only RM 26.40 nett.
It is perfect for two person (couples). 
If you don't believe, just check out my following photos of the meal set (voucher).
I'm so sorry again that I didn't remember the name of each dish but I can say it is worthy. 

(Free flow - Ice Lemon Tea)



Pasta - Prawn Aglio Olio

Main dish (I don't remember the name tho)

Dessert (about RM 5-6)

Here is two photos of some dishes they offering in menu.

Don't think! 
Just go and buy the voucher before they run out of it.
The waiter said they printed 500 piece of vouchers and finished within few days.
Now they reprint another 1000 vouchers. 
Believe it or not!

One best thing about dining in this RiverCity area is that, FREE parking for 2 hours
(one of the reason why we always go there)

Website : click here (still under construction)
Facebook : click here
Foursquare : click here

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