Sunday, July 3, 2011

Import Blog/RSS into Flipboard for Ipad 2

I've read some articles about importing RSS into Flipboard for Ipad but I can't find the best way to do it. However I'm going to show you the way I import RSS or Add blog into Flipboard.

Since search engine from Flipboard is supported by Blekko, it makes a lot easier to search and add. I'm not sure it is the best way, but at least it works for me. :) Just make sure your searching content is within Blekko's search engine capability. Hehe...

Here's my steps:

1. Click "+More" box and then Search page will appear from left side.

2. Key in your search content. If you know the URL it would be easier. Otherwise search by keyword like "Malaysia Food"

3. Select the content you want, and it will import into your Flipboard immediately.

4. Done! Just as simple as that! The reason why no pictures appear in the box is due to the RSS created by blog owner that he limits the content feed to part of article without photo. 

Step 5: Next, if you want to see the full article, just click the article "View Original Article" button.

Step 6: Dah...! Here's the full article with photo.

... I know, you must be thinking its not as what you wanted because you would like the photo to display on Flipboard....well, if you dont like this way, then i suggest you to use Google Reader. But I've tried already just now with the example content I posted above. If the blog or website owner doesn't allow photo in the RSS feed, then you still wont get the photo even though subscribe the blog/website using Google Reader. 
Thanks to Flipboard for the latest update v1.5
It's awesome experience with all the new features in v1.5
Enjoy guys!

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