Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sushi Zanmai 1U - family trip

My family paid a visit yesterday-Saturday. I was actually quite annoyed with the coming because of my physio exercise in the morning I was tired but they are family. Family is family. So we all went to One Utama shopping and jalan know its difficult for one male bringing 7 female here and there. It was big group! 

I was the only one who bought clothes. Using ipad 2 to take some photos during my changing clothes session, with my cousin's help. Here's my pose :p

At the end I bought 2 long sleeves from the right. It's 1Malaysia Carnival Mega Sale 50%, I must suck it up! LOL....

For dinner we had Japanese food. It is always the same question when it comes to eat. 
"Jiak Sia Me?" (What to eat?)
Since most of them are strangers to Japanese food, so I suggested Sushi Zanmai. 

Was lucky we were the 1st in the queue, and waiting for a table with 8 seats. We ordered damn a lot of food..repeated dishes..haha. They didn't like Unagi but like chicken....typical hokkien people. LOL.
I ordered Choco Banana for dessert. As usual, my favorite! Thought of not enough so ordered Macha Macha also for the rest of them. But funny ended up I had to let them take my Choco Banana because they didn't like green-tea flavor. Haha.

I guess another happy ending but I was so tired. The food price also increased compared 2-3 years back. My salary now still the same 2-3 years back, LOL. Yet, there are a lot of people queuing up for the food. I shake my head, though...
Enjoy my photos :)

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