Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dubai (day 3) - Al Ain, Oasis & Museum, Jebel Hafeet, Green Mubazarrah

Straight to the point, today I'm going to tell you my day trip from Dubai to Al Ain

The experiences I've got from this particular Al Ain trip are:

1. Driving from Dubai to Al Ain with left-handed drive car for about 120km journey.
2. History of Al Ain, oasis, and extremely hot weather.
3. The difference between Dubai and Al Ain.
4. Hot Springs

After wonderful breakfast by our loving friends, we get ready to go Al Ain.
But heading to Al Ain, we stopped by Dubai Outlet Mall
This mall has a lot to offer but of course all clothes are out-seasoned. 
The best thing is they are cheap yet quality remain best. 
They have quite a lot of international brands, just click the link above to see info.

So here, I had to get my hands on the car steering after 20-25 minutes hanging out in Dubai Outlet Mall, heading to Al Ain.
The highway wouldn't be a problem.
The problem for a right-handed car driver to "ride on" left-handed car was, somehow the car would go to right, like a magnet. Haha.
Luckily I managed to control the steering well, friend said.
The proof is here, still managed to pose V.

The drive took about 1 hour, more maybe. 
We switch driver when we got there.
There were so many roundabouts in Al Ain.
Really confusing if you don't have a map with you. 
And we didn't have one, so our friend drove us round and round. It's like the whole Al Ain we were just driving passing by and look see look see. Haha. But we didn't cover all actually. 
We followed the brown color signboard on the road side to go Tourist Destination. There were quite a few spots that we have planned to go, but wasn't sure the ordering, which one we should go first or later. 
Ended up we saw Al Ain Palace Museum

My memory about this museum was that my partner wanted to go pee and went in round the circle and look for public toilet. This is something that he hated. Haha.
And this museum feature the Nahyan family tree. There was a room where they put all the photos of UAE ruler. 
There were few quite big green gardens inside.
Amazingly GREEN!
(desert huh? Don't think about it!)

Oh yes, the entry was free of charge and they allow tourist to take photo.
Usually camera is forbidden in museum.
Tell me something that I don't know, does your country Museum allow photo taking? 
(I just googled, our country Malaysia national Museum allows photo taking. X.x)
You see, I learnt something.

One important thing about travelling in U.A.E. is that you have to bring your own bottle of water!
Just go to supermarket and buy some. 
Put one bottle in the car and one big bottle in your bag. 
Don't get dehydrated.
The sun in UAE is so HOT.

We had KFC for lunch. The cheapest meal we had in U.A.E.
The chicken here they put more peppers. Haha. 
After lunch we went to look for another museum which is National Museum. It was very tricky to find this museum and we stopped by to ask for direction TWICE. When we about giving up on that, we found Al Ain Oasis coincidentally and Al Ain National Museum was just neighbor. So we went in Al Ain Oasis area with our car and look see look see, 
to see how Al Ain Oasis look like. 
(I have no idea what is oasis until then, you see, I learnt something.)

Al Ain existed because of this oasis and there were few more in Al Ain.
And if you noticed that bottle water selling in supermarket there is a brand called "Al Ain Oasis".
I wasn't interested in this oasis thing, but it was at least good to know what it all about.
Finally we got into Al Ain National Museum. 
Unlike Palace Museum we visited this morning, Al Ain National Museum entry fee was 2 Dhs per person. 
Honestly, it was worthy. 
The reason I said that was, there were few things you will be surprised to see there.
Personally, the rock piece from the Moon kinda gave me a Wow.
Please click the image for large image so that you can see the description. 

Other than that, this small 4 heads pistol was freaking me out. 
I mean they had it very long time ago already? 
That's another Wow to me. 

I took some photos inside, hope you enjoy it.

It was great so far that we've visited Oasis, Palace Museum and National Museum.
There were 2 more places that we would like to go. 
They were Jebel Hafeet (rocky mountain) and Green Mubazarrah (hot springs).

So without a map, we still managed to get there. Thanks to our friend.
There was a hotel on the top of the mountain, Mercure Hotel.
It was nicely designed and we noticed there was a water roller-coaster built on the cliff of mountain. 
Please take a look:

Well, we not went up to the top just to see Mercure Hotel, but it was more on enjoying looking at the real scenery that we should see in U.A.E like without modern concrete buildings, only desert. 
You are lucky cause I had one video I took at some viewing point. 

Hot Springs was the topic of the day. 
Hehehe. If you know what I meant.
Just for your information, we passed by Al Ain Zoo but didn't go in. 
I think it would be interesting. So if you're in that area, might as well just take a look.(I mean go in there!)

Our last tourist destination in Al Ain - Green Mubazarrah. 
From the top of rocky mountain all the way to foothill, we struggled to find the way to Green Mubazarrah. 
So there again, we went round and round. (Hehehe)
Still eventually we found the entrance!
Unfortunately I thought its gonna be like a real outdoor hot spring, turned out It was indoor, a pool of hot spring water. No, sorry. There were 2 pools of hot spring water in one building and there were 4 buildings ( 2 for men and children, 2 for women only(aged 12 and upwards). 
I didn't know so much details until I google it and saw this article (photos as well) explaining in detail about the area. (Thanks mate!)
As recall, I thought it was 10 Dhs per person to get in but it might be 5 Dhs per person as what the writer of the article said. I wasn't the one who paid, you see. LOL.
Men with short pant and topless, of course.
You have to bring your own towels, I must warn you.
The water was pretty hot. 
I'm sure you will see a lot of guys if you going on the right time. 
I was lucky enough to see TWO hot men at least.
I mean, real HOT, beefy macho type. 
And RIGHT THERE, one of them spoke to me like maybe few words. 
I was panic a little bit. He was trying to talk to me and I just "hi and bye". 
It was the first conversation with local man. And it was the shortest conversation. (Not even a conversation though. )
And then, the forbidden moment happened. 
It was forbidden there I think, that he accidentally 'touched' my hand. 
For less than A SECOND, maybe 500 milliseconds, I was "thrilled" and after that it was like "oh sorry". Hahaha! 
Quite an adventurous experience.

After 30-40 minutes of dipping in the hot spring pool, we decided to call it a day.
It was relaxing after hot spring. 
I kinda liked it, or that man...! Hahaha.

Adventurous, exciting, strange, learning, breath taking, and then relaxing...
although there were more tourist spots in Al Ain like Hili Archaeological Park, some malls and Al Ain Zoo, that we didn't visit. 
Already I felt grateful with everything we've done so far in Al Ain.
This was my Al Ain day trip on 11th of October 2011.
In my 4th day of the trip, was a bit relax and easy, visiting Festival City and World Trade Centre,
which I will write about it probably by tomorrow night, not for sure though.

Our plan was to enjoying all the places without a busy and tight schedule and complete in 7 days.
So our friend is good at planning this. 
One day goes extreme and one day relax & easy. 
Trust me, you will enjoying it even more.


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