Thursday, October 27, 2011

Old Town White Coffee (RiverCity, Jln Ipoh - Closed)

I was so upset!
It spoiled my appetite for Curry Mee.
For God sake, they increased the price!

Old Town White Coffee in RiverCity, Jalan Ipoh; has been not my favorite but yet I still going there because of easy find car park excuse and sometimes I feel like eating curry mee. 
So this time I went and found out the price has gone up!
The waitress said it was started TWO weeks ago. 
Have you gone to any Old Town White Coffee lately? 
Did you realize the price has gone up?
Did you notice they have a nice printed menu lately too?

Before I look at the price, I was quite stunned that they change menu AGAIN! 
For better quality I guessed.
Then looking at the price, my eyes were popping out! (I got really small eyes you know, can you imagine? LOL)
Curry Mee from RM 6.90 to RM 7.50, total RM 0.60 extra increased.
Then see through the menu pages, all prices gone up, including the drinks!

My foot! 
I totally cannot accept it. 
Part of the reason is quite obvious, the price gone up!
Partially because of the quality has not even increase 0.01 %
The supervisor guy was "ugly" (damn you!), service is still damn bad even though no customers, and the food is never changed. 
Geram betulnya!
Let's take a look at my curry mee with price from RM 6.90 to RM 7.50...I mean look real....look at the quality!!!

The gravy was actually not enough AT ALL...then I kindly asked the supervisor for more gravy.
Common sense: you should add enough gravy for the curry mee!
Then it took him for about 2 minutes (the f*cking kitchen was so near) to put little more of gravy, it came like this:

And I found out that my noodle, was lesser by then. 
I don't feel anything in my stomach!

Let's take it as my bad luck at that moment.
But wait, please take a look at this dish:

What do you think? 
What is this dish name in Old Town White Coffee?
It was Dry Curry Noodle!!
MY FOOT it was DRY! 
It was WET! 

Then again, look at their popular White Coffee drink!

Increased the price and the drink getting lesser? 
BLOODY hell!

Here's their menu page of Curry Mee.

Conclusion: Old Town White Coffee is forever in my BAN list. :D
Welcome to my BAN family list!

p/s: It really got my nerves! And this is not the first time!

Note: I know I shouldn't go there for any meal because I already know it's bad. My bad then...but now, Old Town White Coffee is banned by LazyBun. 

Note: Old Town eventually closed. Went to Rivercity on 15/4/2014.


  1. I have banned this franchise coffee chain long long time ago. The dish's soup always cool and the food in menu is totally different from actual meal. Rather go McD @ KFC.. at least hot in serve ;p

  2. Let's boycott Old Town White Coffee! I think they are too much on the price increased, with that kind of quality, their products are extremely pricey now. We, have the consumer rights, should show them our power! Don't let this kind of bully exist in our society!

  3. guys are right. Forever BANNED!