Sunday, October 23, 2011

UAE trip (covering Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain)

I got so much to say about my Dubai trip.
7 full days I would say. (not sure, though )
Special lovely thanks to our Malaysian friends in Dubai for the wonderful company and treats.

I'm going to write day by day trip post here because I really have a lot to share. After all, it is a Once in a Lifetime trip to Middle East, you see. 
But I can't finish all posts by tonight.
I lost my daily notes after I upgraded my iPad 2 to iOS 5 firmware. 
I saved notes in the iPad 2 and after I synced with my iTunes I wasn't sure I back up the notes. 
I didn't, though. 

It was an unexpected surprisingly trip that just 'BANG' happen like that.
During Matta Fair around July-August, partner and I were planning to get a trip to Maldives, but thing didn't turn up right and we ended up booking Krabi trip after Matta Fair with AirAsia package. 
Then after booking Krabi trip, an invitation from a friend who asking us to pay a visit to Dubai. 
Oh my GOSH...Middle EAST! I always don't like middle east you see. No offend to any reader from Middle East, it just personal. 
So we decided to go on October 9th to 17th. (17th was, morning 6am we arriving in KLIA)
Eventually, I love Middle East! Opps, DUBAI I mean.

Dubai has so much to offer. They have the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah, artificial archipelago created using land reclamation. They have all luxurious desire that you just can't resist. Buildings in the city are something that I've never seen before, modern and artistic + elegant architecture design. Interior design is just beyond my expectation. Of course, everything comes in luxury and this luxury comes with money. It is so expensive to go Dubai. Hotel accommodation and foods & drinks. But I can tell that living in Dubai isn't that expensive as what people say. Everything there is free of tax. Buying a car there is so cheap! Half price of car in Malaysia. Imagine RM 300k BMW series car selling around 130k Dhs there. Eating is expensive but they all come in great quality and service, yet without tax!
Of course, there is always good and bad.

This trip is the most enjoying trip so far in my traveling history and I hope there are more to come.
So I hope you enjoy my posts about traveling to Dubai, UAE.

my Dubai trip is actually not just covering Dubai city but also Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, Saadhiyat Island, Al Ain, Jebel Hafeet, and so on.
Gosh, it's going to take me TWO months to write this!
(only update during weekend LOL)

Here is a clip I took of the Dubai Fountain at night. They start the show at 8pm and repeat every half an hour. Each round they will play different song from around the world. Sorry for my lousy camera but I hope you enjoy it. :) (I will have another one clip which I took it from Madeline restaurant's outdoor seating, will post later)