Friday, November 25, 2011

Boycott the Common, by Publika @ Solaris Dutamas

It's been a long time we were waiting for it and now it is finally here and open the door wide to welcome you. The recent latest shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur has open the door for public. Publika, is the hit word spreading around people recently. 

Early this year when I was working in Solaris Dutamas, Publika still under construction. I didn't realized it is a mall. Instead, I thought it was just a store named Publika, like Jaya Jusco or The Parkson store. I was wrong. 

What so interesting about this mall compared to the rest, hmm..I don't know. I can't tell you what is so interesting there but all I can say is that, it is unique. You will see a lot of uncommon shops, cafe and even variety of food. What I will say is, there is NO Starbuck or CoffeeBean; there is no fast food like McDonald's or KFC; those you commonly see in other malls you won't see them in Publika. There are 3 words on the wall of Publika: 
Boycott THE Common

Yes, that's the uniqueness I can describe. And I actually like the place. However, the mall is yet more shops to open. So, there are 3 major attractions in Publika. First, of course in my personal list I put it at the top one is EAT Food Village. 

They don't call it 'Foodcourt' there, because there is no foodcourt back 50years ago. And the concept is, they gather few famous authentic food stall together and present customer a whole new level of enjoying local food within a small village. Kekeke. The food village still have more stalls to come and what is there right now are :

1. Yeoh's Bak Kut Teh from Klang (杨氏肉骨茶)

2. Tian Yuan Claypot by Ah Yip Herbal Soup

3. Sentul Ah Yap Hokkien Mee (洗都阿叶福建面)

3. Ampang Chicken Rice, BM Yam Rice from Bukit Mertajam

4. Fishing Village Restaurant (鱼乡酿豆腐)

5. Lorong Seratus Tahun from Penang

6. Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee (建记辣椒板面)

7. C & P Oasis Yam Cha Corner (beverages)

They all have their own history and they are local authentic food that you can have it all in one place. And you know what, I have tasted in 5 stalls out of all. Let me show you the photos and my personal comments. 

Bak Kut Teh from Yeoh's. The soup taste is not as sweet as my favorite but it is a bit light, good for health? LOL.

 I like this combination. Loh Tau Kuah, Eggs & Meat

This is chicken rice from Ampang Chicken Rice stall. It tastes okay, just another plate of chicken rice. :D

Prawn Mee from Lorong Seratus Tahun. They actually have one outlet in Phileo Damansara I where my office is, but the outlet name is Village Cafe. 

Yong Tau Fu by Fishing Village Restaurant. I forgot the price. LOL. I'm sure price is not a problem anymore nowadays to Malaysians. Just enjoy great food!

2nd attraction of Publika is B.I.G. Ben's Independent Grocer. It is located at the same floor as Eat Food Village but in the other end wing. This supermarket is huge and everything is so glamour. And they have a mini Ben's General Food Store. There is actually one General Food Store in Bangsar Village I. But the one in Publika is in the same compound of B.I.G that says "Eat, Drink, Shop". Please pay a visit if you're there. You will love it I think.

 Jamie Oliver products on the shell.

 Ben's General Food Store menu

 IL Carnivore (RM 24.90). I love it. Love the whole combination.

 Marshmallows Chocolate Cake. I forgot about the price and not sure about the true name of it. but you can see it in the store bar. 

3rd that might attract youth category & people who just love Bazaar is the open space outdoor stage. There are some activities there like cycling and board skating. Yes, you might see some kids with bicycles inside the mall. Kekeke. I have no idea why the management allows that. But anyway, it is something uncommon that you don't see in other mall. Too bad I'm not a fan of any kind of sports or outdoor activity, so I didn't take the outdoor photo. Kekeke.

There a lot of places and corner that you can explore in Publika and surrounding Publika. There are so many restaurants and shops outside Publika mall. I often go there dinner in like Jawa Mee, One Sweet One Night, China Wok, Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant, PappaRich and so on. 

I was lucky that saw this luggage shop got big discount. So without doubt I swiped my card for my very first own luggage. I'm going to use it for my very first oversea trip to Taiwan with best friend! 

 Buy one FREE small one with price of RM 239. 

There are more to come, more to explore. Now is the best time to visit because the crowd is not yet 100%. A lot of people still have no idea where is this Publika, most reason is that they do not know where is it. Well, it is located in Solaris Dutamas. If you're in Solaris Mont Kiara, then you're near to Solaris Dutamas where you just need to drive through the bridge and whole Dutamas area is just right front of you. Let me show you the location. 

Please click for enlarge image. If you dont know, please google map it with 'Solaris Dutamas' keywords.

Enjoy people!

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