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Dubai (day 4) - Festival City, World Trade Centre & Grand Hyatt Dubai

It's been three weeks since got back from Dubai. 
My weekend is full of plan, fortunately today (Monday) is public holiday replacement so that I can rest and update my blog. 
Let me continue with my Dubai trip story - 4th day in Dubai.
It was an easy day but walked a lot.
Itinerary of the day was: 

1. Dubai Festival City (Ferrari Store, Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant, Dubai Creek, HardRock cafe)
2. World Trade Centre (Gitex Exhibition 2011)
3. Grand Hyatt Dubai ( for dinner)

Our friend brought us to Festival City part of the reason was to find out HardRock cafe in order to get a HardRock shirt for friend back in Penang. 
Disappointed because HardRock cafe there was yet to open and under renovation. 

So actually the first building we saw when we get near to the destination was IKEA. 
It's huge and their interior design was identical to IKEA back in Damansara. 
Felt like I was teleport back to Malaysia. Hehehe.

IKEA was connected to a mall as well just like IKEA Malaysia connected to Ikano Power Centre.
So we had breakfast in IKEA. The breakfast price was cheaper but the coffee was a bit expensive, compared to IKEA Malaysia. It was 5 Dhs to 2 Ringgits, per cup and refillable. 

Eventually total bill was more or less the same as in Malaysia.
Worth a try if you are happened to be in Festival City there.

After breakfast of course we went to find HardRock cafe which hadn't open yet due to renovation. Needed to get the HardRock t-shirt for a friend (Partner's close friend's husband) from Penang. So we walked around the whole place, from the mall to hotel. 
There was a Ferrari Store in the mall where I purchased a Ferrari cap as souvenir to my best friend. (Well, I really don't buy souvenir for friends but maybe because the night before which friend birthday got a cap as present so I thought of cap as I saw it in the store. After all, my best friend really like to wear cap.)
The store sell cups, clothes, caps, shoes, and other sport stuff.
It just happened like that, that suddenly I fancied with Ferrari. LOL.

Interesting display..look at the dog..haha.

In the mall, I also bought something for myself.
Two shirts branded Verri, color red and blue. 
The only thing I love about two was it shines, not to mention it was cheap. 
I know everything in Dubai is hell expensive but with 70-80% discount on clothes, I would definitely buy if I have the budget :)

The mall was long and huge. You must go out of the mall and check the yacht area.
You could see Burj Khalifa and all buildings from a far distance.

Our friend brought us to visit InterContinental hotel. 
It was another Wow Wow experience.
Especially you can see a lot of business men there! 
My eyes was really busy that time.
One thing about Festival City that you must do is that, dining in Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant!
So we had lunch there, ordered 3 pasta and 1 jug of ginger ale with lemon.
They have small and big of pasta. If you're heavy eater or hungry you can go with big size plate. 
Don't waste the food though. 

Sometimes it is not about the food quality or how good the food is, or great hospitality of the services, but to combine it all, it makes a perfect restaurant.
In Malaysia, even in a 5-star hotel, you can't get the quality of the food and services as in this restaurant. 
Jamie Oliver's staffs know every detail of his work(food) and specialty. They were friendly and helpful. They explained in details about dishes we ordered and know what's the best to suggest to us. 
Waiter and waitress were pretty and gorgeous passionately knowledgeable. 
Well, hope one day I can enjoy this restaurant in KL town.
If you wanna check out the price, you can go visit Jamie Oliver official website :)

Before we leaving, we dropped by supermarket called Panda Hyper Market.
One interesting fact that I realized was their basket could become luggage. 
You don't have to carry the basket, you just pull it like your travel luggage with 2 wheels at the bottom.
Can it be done in Malaysia? Later on, my colleague told me that Carrefour has it! So I did went to Carrefour and check it out. 
It was different. Carrefour got 4 wheels basket and Panda got 2 wheels only. 
I would prefer Panda basket because it looks trendy and more current.

Let's take a look:

Here is Carrefour 4-wheels basket. (photo from Internet)

Tell me, which one you prefer to use, as a customer? 

On the way to WTC there was an mild storm. Check this video I took:

So we headed to World Trade Centre to pay a visit to my colleagues at Gitex. 
It happened to be the same week they were there for exhibition. 
I just thought of dropping by to see what exactly they were doing there, because I had no idea what product they gonna exhibits there. 
It was huge I think bigger than KL Convention Centre hall.
All suited men of course ( ;p )
Our friend dropped us there and my partner sitting in the cafe for a coffee while I decided to go in the event. 
It was not free of charge. It was 70 Dhs per person as a visitor/potential buyer.
They give you a free "dog-tag" ( we called it like that in Malaysia ) with a hard-paper printed with your full name and your job position. 
There were a lot of branded names that represent their country, so you could look up for a country name or flag, then you would know that section was belong to that country.

(Did you notice one pic above got "Cyberjaya" ? Yes, it was Malaysia's Cyberjaya booth in Gitex! Hehehehe. 
I saw my company booth and took a picture with them. 
Then my colleague took me look around the hall. 
We stopped by at the Panasonic booth.
Panasonic got the largest plasma with full 3D somemore that was 152". 
Can you believe that?!

Then they had this giant PC table which allows you to navigate. It's a table touch-screen computer like those we watch in the movies. Here is the video I took:

About 45 minutes I spending in the hall and then we back to Downtown Dubai by Metro train. 
From WTC station to Burj Dubai station was about 3 Dhs per person (I forgot the price actually, just agak-agak now) one way. They have a card for daily use and of course like a Touch-N-Go system card which you can top-up the value. But for us, one way ticket was enough. Keke.

The experience with the Metro train was that, you could see a lot of police/security guards/army. The station was too pretty for the public to enjoy therefore they keep the standard level. It was very clean and beautifully built. 
I was afraid that camera was forbidden in the station, but took one photo of me anyway.

After arrived in Burj Dubai station, I found out Burj Dubai station was the BEST place to take Burj Khalifa photo!
The best! I just love it! 
Taken from Burj Dubai station outside.

After arrived in Burj Dubai station :)

From Burj Dubai station to The Dubai Mall will take you about 10minutes walk.
We decided to walk back to Downtown Dubai. 
Along the way, there was a black & white statue. 
They represent male in white and female in black, in U.A.E.

I like the statue but too bad I wasn't taken with them in the photo.
It was about 17 feet high and it's located nearby Emaar Buildings, in Emaar Boulevard road. 

That's a call for the day. Easy going but I was pretty tired after whole day walking.
As for dinner, friends brought us to Grand Hyatt Hotel.
Amazingly interior design with a garden and in fact the garden was huger outdoor!

One of the finest dining restaurant in Grand Hyatt Hotel.

There is a chocolate shop called Panini inside the hotel selling the World's FIRST Camel Milk Chocolate by producer Al Nassma
First I saw the cube chocolate about 7cm x 7cm x 4cm, it was small bite of a chocolate bar which costs about 15 Dhs! Oh my gosh! 
It was too expensive for me to buy that, but I chose the bar type which was slightly cheaper.
It has 3 flavors, Arabic, Macadamia-Orange and Hazelnut. (I'm not sure how many flavors in total)
I forgot to snap the photos luckily i still have one bar of chocolate!
There's the only photo.

So I brought one bar to office and I cut it into piece just like the cube chocolate one, and when I giving to each of them I told them this was 15 Dhs chocolate piece you're going to eat. Only that small piece!
Imagine their face! 
(But i doubted it that they actually believe it was expensive!)

OctoberFest 2011 in Grand Hyatt Hotel

 I love their pool! It was like Dubai Creek. From one to another end.

 Small water fountain right infront of Grand Hyatt Hotel door entrance

 Dont forget myself been there! LOL

That's how we spent the night and the next day (5th day) the plan was to go Abu Dhabi!
Remember Sex and the City 2 - the movie. 
Abu Dhabi DO..! Hehe
So much things to say about Abu Dhabi!

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