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Dubai (day 5) - Abu Dhabi day trip

Today is 12th and one month ago at this particular day I was enjoying my time in Dubai Festival City and WTC
One month already! 
How I wish to turn back the clock so that I will be still in Dubai (Hahaha)

In 5th day of the trip, our friend brought us to Abu Dhabi
Before the trip we have watched "Sex and the City 2" DVD and saying that we must go to Abu Dhabi!
Yes! If you are happen to be somewhere in U.A.E, Abu Dhabi is no matter what, a MUST go destination!
We started our journey about 9:30 in the morning and it took us 1 hour 15 minutes to reach Abu Dhabi.
Thanks to our friend, I didn't have to drive and probably might delay the journey.
We were rushing to go to see Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque before it closed for last visiting time for the morning session. 
We missed the turning point when we entering Abu Dhabi island, so we went straight and turn left somewhere and ask for direction. 15 minutes it took us and finally we found the Mosque!
Funny thing was there were 4 gates I believe and all closed except one. We had to been through all gates that was closed and succeed to get in via last gate ( I forgot which direction gate, maybe South Gate? ). 
Fortunately we arrived in time for 11am visit.
The session was 1 hour and the mosque will be closed for visitors at 12pm and then re-open at 5pm.
Definitely we don't wanna miss the morning session because we still have a lot to do in Abu Dhabi! Kekeke

If you're wondering what so special about this Mosque where there are hundreds of mosques in Malaysia that you can almost spot one in every few street?
Well, it is the LARGEST mosque in U.A.E and it can 'fit in' with 40k people. 
One more thing great about this mosque is the color. White color marble! It is not painted with white but built with white marble, from the top of 'bawang' shape to the floor!
Amazing! (I was saying that for hundred times while I was exploring inside and outside of the mosque! Amazing!

So I took the that 15 minutes to snap the Grand Mosque from different angle.
(but somehow the photos look similar, though)

( Please click image to enlarge. Trust me, it looks amazing! )

There are some guidelines that you have to follow if you want to visit this mosque.
Below is the guidelines that you guys and girls have to follow (copied from here):

Dress and Behavior Code
  • -  Modest, conservative, loose fitting clothing; long sleeves, long skirts and trousers
  • -  No transparent (see-through) clothing
  • -  No shorts for men
  • -  No shorts and  skirts must be ankle length
  • -  No tight clothing, no swimwear and no beachwear
  • -  Shoes will be removed before entering the mosque, so we recommend slip off shoes
  • -  Headscarf for ladies is essential (these can be provided when you arrive)
  • -  Intimate behaviour; i.e. holding hands or kissing is not acceptable in a Muslim place of worship
  • -  For safety and respect to worshippers, visitors should stay within the areas of the mosque that  are permitted and not roam freely around. Smoking and food are not allowed in the mosque area
  • -  Visitors are requested not to touch the Holy Quran (Holy Book) and other architectural elements  inside the main prayer hall

    For the girls, any of you will be given a traditional black abaya to cover you from head to toe. I got this photo for your reference:

Don't worry for the guys, you will be still recognizing your wife/girlfriend with abaya on because it doesn't block face :)

Click image to enlarge

Inside the building you actually can see some flowery on the marble wall. And I have to tell you, you will be amazed once you step inside and see the structure of the each corner. 
If you go in with tour guide, then tour man will tell you the story of it. For us, we went in and look see look see and take some photos. Of course some history of this Grand mosque you can find it later in Google. :D

Click image to enlarge

Here's the video part:
Video 1: I took it outside just before entering the mosque. From parking lot area.

Video 2: There was a huge outdoor field ( I believe its where the prayers pray ) where I shoot the video clip 360 degree. Enjoy it!

In case you are looking for the toilet in the mosque, you cannot find "Toilet" sign; you have to look for "Male Ablution". 
Do you know what is ablution? I didn't know the true meaning until I googled it. It means cleansing yourself (washing yourself) like wash face, hands and legs. It is actually similar to most Muslims do before they start praying that you can see in Malaysia. (I saw it during my secondary school where every Friday Malay students need to go to small mosque inside the school. I noticed they wash their face, hands and legs before entering the mosque)
But I do not know whether they wash again after the praying? Do you know? Leave a comment then :) Thank you very much. 

There it goes one hour in the mosque. 
Actually we did wanted to go in again after pee but it was 12pm then.
They closed it for visitors.

Our next stop was Emirates Palace.
Friend was suggesting to lunch there.
Everything inside was spectacle, the high-end classy restaurant that might cost you hundreds for a buffet;the interior was amazingly shining with golden light and so on.
I can't give you every details because my eyes were tired looking around and I lost my little notes in iPad.
Instead of combining all photos into one, I think for this beautiful beast I present you one by one. (not many photos but hopefully satisfy you. Please click image for better resolution)

I wasn't dare to take more because we were not supposed to be there. I mean inside the Emirates Palace. Usually it doesn't allow public to get in unless you want to dining in one of the restaurant/cafe. So we were lucky that they didn't stop us. (the next week after our trip, friend told us that he couldn't get in this time because they not allow public access. Lucky us I guess)
We look see look see and walked out from the main entrance to the water fountain to take photo of Emirates Palace. It is a MUST photo if you visit it, to prove that you've been there.

Fortunately enough we got to see Future of Abu Dhabi exhibition in Emirates Palace.(I'm not sure the name though, hehe)
In 5 years time, they gonna build these (below) in Saadiyat Island.
Amazing isn't it?
I'm a bit lazy now to talk more, let the pictures show you okay :)

The master plan. 

Almost to 2pm, we got our butt out of Emirates Palace and headed to Marina Mall for lunch.
Yes, we didn't have lunch in Emirates Palace. It was too expensive and maybe too luxury.

It's not difficult to go to Marina Mall. In fact with a map on your hand, you can drive in Abu Dhabi anywhere!

I had this in Marina Mall's foodcourt. Simple fried mee.

There was a heritage site that you should visit nearby called Heritage Village
The tallest flag pole in U.A.E was located there next to Heritage Village.
Nah (oops), I give you the photo:

It didn't look like so tall..hahahaha but trust me, go Google it!

Here's some photos from the Heritage Village. Oh yes, there is no entry fee required.

 I bought fridge magnet for our fridge at home from one of these store.

You can see buildings in Abu Dhabi from Heritage Village site.

 You can see buildings in Abu Dhabi from Heritage Village site.

 There was a camel lying there you see...kekeke ( In coming post, I will tell you the story of 'riding camel in the desert' )

I think I better cut short my story. I don't want my post boring you as I already have less readers.
So, after Heritage Village we followed the map, heading to Yas Island.
It also happened that Janet Jackson will be having concert there in Yas Marina Circuit.
Such a shame I missed this opportunity to go, even though I barely know her. 
But she was such a big star in the world!
Anyway, before reaching Yas Island we passed by Saadiyat Island. It is under construction which I showed you the exhibition photos above in Emirates Palace section.
The highway was done and in good condition, all the way connect to Yas Island.

Yas Island has nothing much to offer except concerts, F1 circuit and Ferrari World.
The whole site was amazing and I felt like I was walking into a alien space ship!
If only I could take a helicopter to the air and snap the photo! But let me show you one photo from Google.

YES! I been there!
It was huge and there was theme park inside. In fact, in their official website, they claims that Ferrari World has the World's Largest indoor Theme Park.
The Ferrari Store inside was big as well.
Let me show you some photos of inside.

I was too excited to see Ferrari store again after the one in Dubai Festival City.

See the ticket price for theme park ? No budget to go in though. So we just hanged out in Ferrari store.

Here's the things we bought from Ferrari World store. I got the shoes (cost 400-450 Ringgit) as Christmas gift for this year from my partner. 2 cups for home display and 1 ferrari perfume. We bought the perfume because of one free gift which was Ferrari red cap. Hell, we spent a lot in Abu Dhabi! (my partner I meant)

Really exciting in Abu Dhabi!
Too bad Carrie Bradshaw and the girls didn't enjoy much in Abu Dhabi in Sex and the City 2 movie. Kekeke.
So I'm gonna end this post because I need to watch X Factor USA result show in TV later.
Next post I will be telling you the beauty of Jumeirah beach and Desert Safari.
Camel, I'm gonna ride you...!

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