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Dubai (day 6) - Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina & Desert Safari

There are so many places to visit or worth to take a look in U.A.E. Dubai is already has a lot to offer though. After yesterday Abu Dhabi day trip (13-10-2011), day 6 is going to be a bit relax & easy going. No fear of getting lost or driving in 8/16 lanes of highway. Kekeke. 

So the itinerary would be Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina and Desert Safari in the afternoon. Pretty easy going. 
Now, Jumeirah Beach is one of the MUST-see because you're not going to believe the beauty of this beach! It is public beach some more and Burj Al Arab is just right there as the background. Wow! I love it!!!!! Imagine if I live in Dubai...I'm gonna fall in love with it! If you have a car you can drive around. The best is from Al Diyafah Street or Al Washl Road where both joined in the traffic junction and go in Jumeirah Road. From there you start the beach journey. You also can see Jumeirah Mosque along Jumeirah Road. It was not open for public that day but managed to take a photo or two. (some photos still with friends so not available to post here)

After the mosque, you can see shops or houses along the road, not to mention all the expensive vehicles. Kekeke. Stop by the beach if you see a lot of people there, that's the Public Beach. I took some photos. Hope you love it.

See, Burj Al Arab is so near! Oh at night sure awesome!

Look at the sea water, so clear and see through.

Well, me in Jumeirah beach with Burj Al Arab at the back. Great!

Okay, that is few photos only. Kekeke. After Jumeirah beach, next attraction place is Dubai Marina. This area has the familiar hotel name like Sheraton, Westin and Sofitel. The buildings look the same so hope you won't get lost when you're there. Hehe. If you're in higher floor you can look out the sea for Jumeirah Palm and Atlantis at the tip of the palm. :) 

 Little bazaar along the beach side area. Got a bag for my mom from this bazaar. 

You have to bargain for this. Kekeke.

 A lot of restaurants here. 

 SOY offers dishes from China, Thailand and Mongolia. I kinda forget from Thailand or not but Chinese dishes definitely. With vouchers from TimeOut Dubai magazine, you can enjoy certain discount on total bill. Waiters in SOY are from Philippine. Friendly and big smile :) 

 Atlantis view, from Dubai Marina beach.

There is a huge parking lot for you to park and walk around the surrounding area. You gotta stop by!

Sheraton hotel in Dubai Marina.

 Inner side of Dubai Marina with the creek where they have lot of luxury yachts. 

This is Marriot hotel in Dubai Marina. Dropped by to the top floor of the hotel which is a restaurant. You can have the whole clear Jumeirah Palm view from this restaurant. 

This building is under construction. Look the building design. Like a bendable plastic. Kekeke. It is located right next to Marriot hotel.

You have to click to ENLARGE this photo. Actually it is 2 photos and I combined them to make a perfect Jumeirah Palm view from Marriot hotel.

 Taken from Marriot hotel top floor. Present you Dubai Marina!

 Can you believe this area was desert? Look at the buildings! 
Dubai Marina!

After Jumeirah beach and Dubai Marina, went back to Dubai Downtown for a quick rest. Next in the afternoon is Desert Safari. The location is somewhere in the desert, going to Hatta. Now if you want this Desert Safari trip, you better book ticket early because they normally don't do last minute booking. The driver picked us up from our friends' condo and straight heading to destination. The journey is about 40 minutes. Before going into desert where they will immediately start with dune bashing, every 4x4 wheels drive will stop at the roadside shops for you to go washing room or buy some souvenirs. Actually the trick is every 4x4 wheels drive need to get their wheels gas leaks for avoiding tire explosion when driving on sand desert. Dune Bashing is quite adventurous and I was little scared of what if the 4WD stucks when going up the sand hills..haha. It is like a roller coaster. Kekeke. Here's my video of Dune Bashing. It doesn't look scary but will see if you're inside the 4WD. :p

Then I have 306 degree of the desert scene:

Managed to snap some photos of desert including I posed in desert. LOL.

The sun was going down and we were heading to the tent where dinner served & camel ride. It was about 6something in the evening.

On arriving the tent, immediately I saw camel. People were quieing up for less than 1 minute's camel ride. I would have expect at least a long walk distance like in Sex and the City 2 movie where the 4 ladies riding on camels in the top of desert sand. Kekeke. Disappointed however I still wanna sit on camel....less than a minute though. 

This guy is Italian! We had short chat during this less than a minute camel ride. LOL. Too bad didn't take his girlfriend/wife's picture. She is so classy beautiful! Of course, this guy is hot too.

 Let me counting: this moment was at 25th second? Hahaha.

 at 30th second, peace pose! 

This is the tent. It is actually square tent and belly dance stage is right in the center with all low tables surrounding it. 

I always get this when I take photo with this camera at night time. So sorry for the bad quality image. So that's the dining tables & stage in the center.

 This is the dinner buffet meal. Do not eat too much because you don't wanna get stomachache or else you gonna miss the belly dancing show. Kekeke. 
When they call for dinner, you will have to queue up to get it. Don't worry about the table because all is number seated. 

Bought 3 bottles of sand art from this stall inside the tent. Sorry I forgot the price already. Should have take note but it was 3 for 100 Dhs (around 90 Ringgits) Below is the photo. Here's the tip for you. You no need to go to desert to get one of this sand art, you can get it in any Souk market and with cheaper price. It's up to you :)

After the dinner, performance started on the stage. Since the camera is not doing any good for night view, therefore I shoot 2 videos of it. First performance was by this young guy wearing the special costume with electrical bulbs that perfect his magical dance. Take a look:

2nd dance is by this beautiful girl performing Belly Dance. I bet the men must be mouthwatering. Kekeke. 


The belly dance was the last in this Desert Safari trip. Adventurous? Well, little bit with Dune Bashing, the rest of activities were just fine & relax. 

So my little advice for this Desert Safari would be:
1. Book early if you can. Maybe like 1 or 2 days in advance.
2. Must bring your own water! Dont forget this!
3. Bring your camera along with you cos you don't wanna miss this opportunity to take photos in desert!
4. Do not eat too much BEFORE desert safari. You don't wanna get yourself dirty during Dune Bashing. LOL.
5. Read TimeOut Dubai magazine or any other magazine to get discount voucher for Desert Safari. Call to their company and confirm this voucher. Save better than nothing. :D

My disappointment would be the Camel Ride. Did you notice I keep saying that! Less than a minute ride! Ohhhh...!!! Maybe next time I go to Australia can have a Australian Camel Ride! Well, different feel then.

Hmm. What else I not yet cover in this U.A.E trip? YEAH! Burj Khalifa! The world's tallest building (828m). At the top of Burj Khalifa, how's that feel? Kekeke. Tell you in my next post :) 

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  2. Thank you Muhammad Amjad.

    Are you the owner of the Al Badeyah Desert Safari?

    I do noticed that there is typo in the website. Not sure it is supposed to be 'Dessert' or 'Desert' ... :)