Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pine 3 (Vegetarian) in River City Jalan Ipoh

Tonight I want to do a quick update about Pine 3, which I had dinner at.
Pine 3 is located in the same row as Scrummy Cafe, in River City Jalan Ipoh.
I've been there like 3-4 times for dinner and I never tell you about it in my post. So I feel like obligated to tell you all about this vegetarian Chinese cooking style little restaurant.
YES, it is vegetarian restaurant
I EAT vegetarian food.
Don't be surprised.
I kinda into most variety of food right now.
Not to mention I had vegetarian in Kechara Oasis before.
Oops! I didn't post it here too. 

This Pine 3 little restaurant is actually "split" into half. Cashier counter and kitchen in one room unit and tables in outdoor and another room unit.
It is actually not convenient for customers in the other room because can't reach to the staff as when needed. However, they installed a doorbell kinda button in the room, so anything just press it! 
then the staff will come to assist you. 

Anyway, let me show you few dishes that's regular in Pine 3.
(Oops again! I forgot to snap the restaurant! )
(Reserved this spot!)

 It is called Yuan Cai (RM 10.90) in Mandarin language. I don't know what's in English though.

 Mongolia Crispy Lotus Root (RM 13.90)
One of my favorite. :D

This is Sao Yu RM 19 (burned fish). It is not real fish. This is vegetarian la!

Sorry this one I don't remember the name but the taste was not bad. I like it.

If you think most of the dishes are dry, please try this one. Very nice. 

Soya Milk (RM 2.80). I always order soya milk, I dont know why.

So sorry for the poor post. It is a bit rush at this hour. 
I just wanna post it while I can remember it.
You see, I still have a lot of nice food to recommend you all but once I snap I forget. 
Then all the photos wasted filling up my phone memory.

P/S: Pine 3 in River City Jalan Ipoh is closed now. Found out in first week of January 2016. Not sure where they moved to. Didn't even put a notice on the door :(

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