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Dubai (day 7- last day) - Burj Khalifa, Souk Al Bahar, Madinat Jumeirah, Al Muna, Mina A Salam

This will be my last post about U.A.E trip (Dubai). Well, not many readers following anyway. So I just take my time to update. This day is the last full day in Dubai and the next day will be taking flight going back to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. 

It was an easy & relax day. First in the morning we went to the top of Burj Khalifa and hanging out in The Dubai Mall & Souk Al Bahar in the afternoon. For dinner friends brought us to one of the top restaurant and their favorite, in Madinat Jumeirah

Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai and the TALLest building on earth. Like I said before, you have to get the tickets in advance to avoid sold out or expensive tickets. 

The ticket counter

The tickets we bought in advanced 2 days costs 100 Dhs per person. We asked what if we want to go in right now (it was at night time), the lady said 400 Dhs (per person? ). It was crazy! Maybe night view of Dubai is more fascinating therefore cost more. Kekeke. To enter the building, you have to pass by security check. It feels like in the airport, checking in. Hahaha. Then you will have to walk a short distance to take the lift. Along the journey you will see pictures on the wall telling you the history of Dubai. Then queue up for the lift. The lift doorman explained that it's going to take us 60 seconds to reach the observatory floor of Burj Khalifa which is at 124th floor. Total floor is 160. (So, at 124th floor still wasn't at the top of Burj Khalifa..kekeke) 

Here I show you all the photos I took At The Top of Burj Khalifa observatory floor. 

 The Dubai Mall

 Souk Al Bahar

 Look at the highway interchange-link

 MRT (this station I believe is Burj Dubai Metro station)

 YES. That's The World (small islands that form the map of the world-earth)

 People are waiting for the lift.

 This is the only stall you can see At The Top in observatory floor. (indoor)
We bought a bag and 2 short pants. I bought myself poker card (silver color) 

 Silver-plated poker card that cost me 50 Dhs.

This is the bag. Cheap comes with cheap quality of course. Kekeke.

 Lego you can expensive. For so small version costs you hundred+ Dhs.

 Remind me of KLCC that I got it from Mitchelle, my ex colleague.

 I wasn't sure what were they arguing or they just happened to pose right there. :)

Then this couple..hmm..I know..they were in love, in a forbidden country. Great shot!

 souvenir for your friends...LOL

 Finally we saw this GOLD machine. It works like an ATM. You put in the money and it gives you gold! Buy gold in Dubai is cheap! LOL

 Look at the price. I have no idea what's gold market in my country and I'm not interested anyway. Compare it in your country price and probably you might getting one or two when you are going to Dubai. Kekeke

 This is the sample of the sizes.

Around 1 hour later, we hit down and to Souk Al Bahar. There are so much things (mostly souvenirs) to buy in Souk Al Bahar. Of course we just went there for meals. There are few good restaurants. We went to Karma Kafe, highly recommended by friend. Yes, it was absolutely good.

 Souk Al Bahar. I was in the connected bridge from one of the Dubai mall wing to Souk  Al Bahar. If you notice the people walking behind me their eyes were looking at right is because Burj Khalifa building is right there. Kekeke

 It is Souk Al Bahar. It's a huge Souk!

 Inside Souk Al Bahar

 Sunset Bento set

 My Mongolian Beef. This is one of the best meal I had in Dubai.

If I go to Dubai again, I will definitely go there again for the Mongolian Beef. Kekeke. Well never realized that there was another one of the best restaurant in Madinat Jumeirah. That's for dinner :) Because of night view the camera not good with, scenery photos are limited (Gosh! You really have to bring good camera if you going to Madinat Jumeirah! No jokes!) but I managed to snap the food that we all love so much from the restaurant. If I recall correctly, the restaurant name is Al Muna, in Mina A Salam, a grand boutique hotel in Madinat Jumeirah. I remembered very well that we had to take a boat that it will take you to the hotel. It was a magical journey that you can't believe you are in a boat looking at the amazing local souk building structure and if you looking out to the skyline, you'll see Burj Al Arab with blue color (different colors from time to time) light on the whole building. It was so romantic. Kekeke. If you are rich, you can be romantic too with such luxury hospitality that you can buy with money. LOL.

 I love this!

 Black Squid Ink Rice! Squid Ink!!!! My first time and it was good. :)

Really nice. Squid ink. Can you get it in Malaysia? hmm...

It was wonderful trip. Everything was smooth and really really appreciate friend's best hospitality. They planned itinerary for us and brought us here and there. It won't be so enjoyable without their help. 

Everything come to an end. The next day we dropped by Dubai International Financial Centre to have good meal before friend dropping us to the airport. All suited guys, oh gosh. Kekeke. 

Dubai trip - The End.

My coming trip will be, Taiwan. This trip will be going with best friend between 25th February to 3rd March 2012. Looking forward to it. Taiwan FUN! 

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