Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tosca @ Double Tree by Hilton - Andrew Blundy's ~Bring Me Food~

Last night my partner brought me to Tosca, an Italian restaurant at Double Tree by Hilton in The
Intermark for dinner. Well I meant, he paid for the meal and I drove him there, of course. 

The purpose of going there was to checking out the place and the restaurant as well. It has been years we were talking about going to check out The Intermark, until now that my partner read an article from newspaper of this Chef who has more than 25 years experience and knowledge about Italian food has come to KL to show off some of his food skill. So there we go. 

The Chef is Michelin Guide accredited Chef named Anfrew Blundy from UK. Just like what BEN's saying: Never trust a slim chef. indeed, Andrew is a goddamn fat chef. (Please forgive me, I'm just being funny) The most important thing is, he is goddamn good chef as well. Here is an article interviewing him by CC Food Travel

Photo from

It is our first time to visit The Intermark. Nothing much there apart a few high class shop and restaurants. I was surprised by Austin Chase outlet there. I thought they were closing down as what I observed from The Gardens and Pavilion outlets. Oh I remembered how much I loved it when they first open in The Gardens. But then never go back again ever since they lost the control on coffee taste and provide meal set and menu. Why couldn't just stick to coffee and cake? Well I had no idea about that. Anyway, my partner was crazy over checking out SPACE furniture shop in The Intermark. To me, it was just not for me, considering the price and we are not even close to moving to new place yet. Well he said to get more and better idea...its kinda waste of time for me as I'm not into it. 

Then we were at 10th floor, Tosca restaurant. We were early and there was no diners yet. The waiters were so attentive and smiling all the time. Maybe its because we were early and they had no others to serve. Kekeke. So, Andrew Blundy introduces Bring Me Food, a traditional family style for dining together to eat and share the variety of food. Bring Me Food will be ended by end of November 2012. The tricky part of Bring Me Food is that diners will be given a paper to write down what kind of food don't take or dislike, and diners have to decide the price of the food to be served starting from RM 80++  to maximum RM 280++ per person. Amazing huh? I leave the decision to my partner simply because I'm not the one who is going to pay. LOL. He wrotes RM 120, thats RM 240++ in total bil. Gosh! The food got to be good!

First the supervisor came with 2 glasses of complimentary Mojito. Awesome! It reminded me of my days in Club Med. Hahaha. As usual, the wonderful buns came. 

Then our starter came. It was Mushroom soup. Excellente! Each for both of us.

After mushroom soup, followed by two salads. Blue Fin Tuna Salad as below: 

...and Quail Salad (poor little quail @@) :

It was expensive blue fin tuna. I may not know what the heck is blue fin but it's the most expensive tuna fish. Look at this close up (not really close up) by my iPhone 4S.

Click for bigger image. 

Yummy! Next we have pizza & pasta. Followed by main courses: Rib Eye Steak & Spring Chicken. I gotta say, I was damn full after pizza & pasta. Oh gosh, never expected the portion will be so generous. We both thought its gonna be fine dining meal. We were wrong but worth the money. The meals tasted absolutely fabulous! 

Tomata Cheese Pizza. We weren't quite sure about this pizza name. I didn't taste anything special in it except tomato & cheese were what I saw. Overall, the pizza was good.

Great pasta. Had no idea what's the name, though. 

Spring Chicken with mashed potato & asparagus. Yummy! 

Rib Eye Steak. We didn't finish it all because we were too full. I had to open my pant button for to continue. oh my...

Eventually I was so relief that it came to an end, dessert time! Two of us share this one. I guess that's the purpose of "Bring Me Food" where you and your partner can share the dessert together. 

Overall, the set was great. If you are eater, you have to give it a try. I'm sure Chef Blundy will be pleasure to serve you the best :) If you have CIMB credit card (normal or platinum) you can enjoy 15% discount. Enjoy more discount if you have better card, like CIMB Word card? Hmm, ask the waiter when you're there okay? LOL.

The diners were pouring in after 8.30pm, the rain must had delayed them. So Tosca business must be good always. Let's see if I would have the chance to come back again. Enjoy the photos!

Tosca @ Double Tree by Hilton
Tel:  60-3-2172-7272 
Operating Hour: 
Lunch - 11:30am to 2:30pm
Afternoon Snacks - 2:30pm to 6:30pm
Dinner - 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Monday, October 29, 2012

Boiled Coke with Ginger (Flu medicine)

I caught a cold one morning in the office, after sweating left the home and drove to work place, immediately I switched on my table-fan facing right front of my face. It was a relief but I was sick then.

It's a long weekend due to Haji Day on Friday and I was having blocked-nose and feeling a little dizziness through out the 3 days. It was frustrating, to me and my partner. If one of us falling sick, person who got sick would feeling sick of course but in the same time feeling useless and always let the love one worry. On the other hand, the other half shows concern and care with questions in head, of why is this happening. It happens you know. It is normal.

Yesterday I was feeling worse than days before, out of nowhere, I thought of boiling coke. My mum did it before for me. This time I gonna do it on my own, I told myself. So went to supermarket to get ginger and a can of Coke. I didn't get the lemon as I have vitamin C pill at home, though. Before starting to mess up the kitchen (well, I seldom use the kitchen), I searched Google and found this very briefly article about boiled coke with ginger. The title of the article is "Boiled Coke with Ginger, a Chinese cold remedy". Very useful information. Let me split the steps into a list for easy reading.

Things To Prepare:
1. One can of Coke (not from the fridge nor cold)
2. One inch of ginger
3. A small pan

Steps :
1. Open the Coke and pull all into the pan. 
2. Cut ginger into slices or just crush it. Then put all into the pan, together with Coke.
3. Start the gas/fire, let it boils. The boiling time is about 6-7 minutes. It is up to you. Just make sure the ginger smell comes out and the coke is goddamn hot. :) Drink it while its hot, immediately. Don't burn your tongue. Haha.

A can of Coke and ginger as well.

As you can see from the photo, portion of a can of Coke was already in the pan together with slices of ginger. 

Let's boil it!

After 7 minutes, it is done! My ginger smell wasn't strong enough. So make sure you crush your ginger before put into the pan with Coke. For better result, crush the ginger!

It's easy and simple. Personally I will drink it twice a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. It really works for me. Trust it or not, it is up to you. 

I just hope my flu goes away quickly! It is irritating, especially me having thyroid, for God sake! Hahaha.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ala Thai restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas [Closed]

It caught my eyes while I was having dinner with my partner in Ichiban Boshi @ Solaris Dutamas few days ago. The Thai restaurant just right opposite Ichiban Boshi (maybe it is called behind if you're coming from the other side). Obviously I'm not a good food hunter as my partner because he saw it long time ago. LOL. Blame my memory. 

So today after Olympic Badminton Men's Double semifinal match on Astro TV, we went to this Thai restaurant. The name is Ala Thai @ Dutamas Solaris. It was not a single customer. We thought the food might not be good or fresh at first. But then we decided to give a try and I gotta say it was absolutely a good call to dine in. We sat down and looked at the menu. First thing to find was Massamam Curry. Unfortunately they didn't have it for today and we go for Red Curry Beef. We ordered the food and then started to take some photos. Huge mirror wall in the restaurant. I love the spacious between tables. At least it's not narrow walk-way. Give some privacy to each table's diner. Let's check out the photos and my personal comments.

The cashier counter & kitchen on the left.

See, only two of us. 

Red Curry Beef (Dry) RM 18.90++ 
After no Massamam Curry, then we ordered Dry Red Curry Beef. You can choose between Chicken & Beef. The flavor also has choice between Dry & Wet. It was absolutely fantastic! Full mark from me on portion, meat and presentation. 

Butter King Prawn (Dry) RM 19.90++
This one is dry flavored Butter King Prawn. In this dish it has 8 king prawns for us. We loved it and we 'sapu' everything on the plate. :D Awesome!

Kailan with Salted Fish RM 10.90++
Absolutely gorgeous! I mean the salted fish was quite a lot. Usually if you eat in normal restaurant they served only taste of the salted fish but not fish meat, but this one, you can have salted fish meat as well. 

3 dishes for two. :) (quite a lot ?)

Red Ruby (Tab Tim Grob) RM 5.90++

Of course, we didn't forget about dessert. It's good but when it first served, the ice cube was a huge piece. They didn't knock it into cubes. Then one of the observed waiter saw us curiously looking at the Tab Tim Grob, immediately he apologized and offered to make it right. :) 
The taste was different. Thought it supposed to come with coconut milk but it tasted more like condensed milk. But I guessed it's coconut milk. :)

Definitely will go there again. I just hope they keep the quality and standard. And it would be great if they play some traditional Thai music instead of English Pop song. Kekeke. By checking their receipt, they also provide call for delivery & catering. Awesome!

I'm not a food blogger. I just blog about places I go, the food I eat. So I hope you guys enjoy the post and please have some more Thai food if you're keen with curries. :) (By the way, Thai curry is not really spicy. It just make me sweat a lot. Haha. But please do not try to swallow the chilies. 

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NOTE: It is closed now. I got no chance to taste it for 2nd time in Solaris Dutamas (Publika) here. Went there during end of September and the restaurant is closed. Not temporary and Not renovation. It is officially closed. :( Please take note ya!)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fat Boy's Burger Bar @ Publika (Solaris Dutamas)

The moment they opened the store, I kinda dislike it because I never really into burger, though sometimes I will go for McDonald's Spicy Chicken McDeluxe set or Burger King's French Chicken set. @@

Then again, the next following visit in Publika, Fat Boy's was full-housed. I mean did they (customers) really having burger as simple daily meal or just wanna try out the burger? It is now every time I come Publika (I'm in dr.Cafe Coffee writing this post), I envy the business of Fat Boy's. Wonderful job they have done, bring in such burger concept with a little twist into Publika. Of course, the crowds here are absolutely unique and funky-type. They even extend the business by placing more tables outside the door. I never like the crowds but I love the place(Publika/Solaris Dutamas). Such a shame I don't own a unit here. 

So there was one particular Friday night after work, partner and I decided to go Publika for dinner(usually we do come here on Friday night), well, to 'try' the burger. A friend couple joined us for dinner then later came to our condo for hanging out (well, their condo water supply was interrupted and no water for the whole day). 

The Fat Boy's, same as any other restaurant, hired foreign workers, but they are friendly staff. I had no idea what to order, so the name 'Bushtucker' ('trucker' is more sound-like to me) caught my eyes. The ingredients are typical: beef, bacon, cheese and of course big fries(too bad this one doesn't come with egg). I was totally blown away. Not because of the taste but I was goddamn full. :D The lady sat next to our table, she finished it all, not leaving a single piece of vege or fries, empty plate it became. Excellent appetite. Unfortunately, my appetite become tiny after my Suzhou business trip and also due to seldom buffet this year. Well I guess its a good thing that could happened to me. I mean I want smaller tummy now. :)

My partner's appetite is always on the need. Above burger is Fat Basterd which cost almost double a burger's price. It comes with double beef patties, bacon and cheese, and EGG! Yum yum! 

Friend couple ordered one burger to share and it was 'Bolly Wooly' burger. Okay, does it come from Bollywood? Hahaha. Check out the picture below.

Oh yes, they also provide some kind of making your own burger in few steps, which I didn't really paying attention on that. If you're curious about it, try it then. The buns they use are special, some are homemade. However, it just not my style to dine in such place. Don't get me wrong, the place is awesome to most of you I guess, but this is more to personal taste. Give it a try and come back here, tell me your experience. Enjoy your fat burger :)

The address as below:
Fat Boy's
The Burger Bar
Lot No 30, Level G2,
1 Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Maldives - Club Med Kani

Due to 1GB of photo size limitation by Blogger, I will have to post all my future photos into photobucket and link them to my blog here.
It becomes troublesome to me. I hope I won't be lazy to do that.

Here's the photos continue from my Maldives post.

The lazybun - Club Med Kani

Baby Sharks in Maldives (video)

The Beach & Ocean view of Club Med Kani island

The beach - Clud Med Kani

The lagoon suite (overwater chalet) - Clud Med Kani

Popular image of spot/angle if you search Maldives Club Med Kani via Google.
This photo is my own! :D

The Jetty - Club Med Kani

After sunset view of jetty point. 

Walking towards the island

The swimming pool - Club Med Kani

Aqua Yoga session during sunset

That's end of my Maldives post. But I have plenty of photos that's not available online which only for private view.
Amazing beach and the sea water. Tiny island. The only regret of this trip was that, we couldn't get water taxi (air plane) for flying high to see the islands from the top. For Club Med Kani, their schedule for water taxi only happens on Wednesday, which we left the island on Tuesday night. What a shame. 

I hope you enjoy the photos and please share it to your friends and family.