Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Penang Kafe (Thank God It's Friday - before Japan trip)

Thank God It's Friday! 
That means one more day and I will be flying to Japan for 8 days!
At first I wasn't ready for Japan because I don't see the excitement from my face expression.
Even though my friends all said :" Good lor/So nice, you can go Japan! ", 
and I was like :" ....Okay la.... ". 
But the departure day is getting closer and after reading some amazing blogs/articles about Kyoto, I turn 360 degree of mood, my body can immediately feel the little drop of snow touching down on my face, it's gonna be f*cking cold! I am really excited and dying to see snow (God bless me!).
Well, I will share my little experience of visiting Osaka/Kyoto/Nara in winter season for another new level, first time ever, in Japan....after I come back. 

After work, I went to The Gardens for dinner. 
Here's to share with you my dinner in Little Penang Kafe.
Actually went through few Chinese restaurants in The Gardens like Fong Lye, Ying Ker Lou, Canton-i, and Ding Tai Fung; people were queuing and I hate queuing for food, therefore end up going to Little Penang Kafe, fortunately it is one of our favor dining place.

I've taken the photo using my new iPhone 4S 8mp camera!
Let's see the photos. (Actually, the resolution is too big. So I use Window's Paint program to resized it to 50% and 60% (twice) to get this size. Just click the image and you will get what I mean, the size)

Lobak (Chicken) RM 8.50

Ju Hu Char (small) RM 9.00

You eat like this! This is the way. Grab it with vegetable and put into your big mouth! 

Char Koay Teow RM 10.50

Very simple, they all tasted delicious to me! 
I don't know why I just love this Little Penang Kafe!

Okay, now I'm gonna quickly post this and say to you all:
Happy holiday to you all if you're still in vacation and SEE YOU after my Japan trip!

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