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Shanghai Trip 上海之旅 Day 3 - 豫园 | 上海城隍庙

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It came to 3rd day which would be the day I leave Shanghai and back to SuZhou. So this particular morning Ang and I met up in subway and took Subway Line 10 to Yu Yuan Station 豫园站. There was no sign of ancient garden once you came out the station, but you would see a modern garden first. Walk along the path, following the crowds, it would lead you to the desired & real garden you supposed to see. It was really crowded. Beware of pickpocket.

I liked the place. We took a lot of amazing photos inside the Yu Yuan Garden. The entrance fee was $ 40RMB per person. Before we entering the garden, we cruised the place. Seriously it was full of people. Let photos do the talk here.

See! You can't run!

He just keep frying :-)

This bun shop gets all the attention. Long queue for the bun. Check out my first post

Not sure why it famous. Didn't queue and buy. LOL

This was good but I forgot where it came from. Bought it from a stall along the street.

Ang was tasting it. Yum yum huh.

Then he eats Smelly Beancurd 臭豆腐

The counter selling ticket.

The ticket. $ 40RMB

Pose before entering the garden.

Entrance door. 

Dragon on the left and deer on the right

Buxus Sinica 瓜子黄杨.  200 years age.

 Ginkgo Biloba 银杏. This tree has been around for 400 years.

Amazing shot by Ang.

There is a meaning behind this drawing on the ground. Ask someone who knows to explain to you :)

After Yu Yuan Garden, we visited a temple in the area as well. This Taoism temple has 600 years history and also one of the famous temple in the country. The name is City God Temple 上海城隍庙(click here for English explanation).  I remembered the entrance was not free and ticket price around $ 10-20RMB. I'm not really a religion person, but my parents are Taoist. I followed the religion since I was a kid until high school. Then I have changed to free thinker. This temple is really worth a visit! You get to see a lot of things, for example, a mother praying so hard for the children' health & success in life; a young guy giving a prayer (Fortune God) for his fortune in life. This temple give them forgiveness & ultimate hope!

Introduction in Chinese dialect.

The temple map. 

Most visitor will take this opportunity to give their prayer.

Shy kid, avoiding camera :-)

After few hours visiting garden and temple, time for lunch and goodbye. I will be heading back to Suzhou after the lunch with Ang. Ang has made some homework, he knows what's best in town. So we went to this local famous restaurant called 徐家私房菜. It was absolutely good. Yummy! 

Look at the fat...yummy!

Luckily I keep this receipt :-) Total $ 208RMB

I said goodbye to dear friend Ang after the meal and took a cab to Shanghai Train Station. A bit worry if I couldn't get the train ticket, but it was harder to find the ticket counter. Luckily I speak a bit of Mandarin :-) The train ticket counter was located across the road outside the station building, not sure the direction but it was on the right after you get out from the station building. Gosh! Imagine you are queuing to buy the ticket for 6pm's train, but that time was 5.50pm when you queue. So you have 10 minutes to RUN from that ticket counter building, go underground subway to cross the busy road, then to the train station building. Outside you have to queue again for checking point/luggage. After checking, you have to quickly check the terminal number. *Sweat sweat* The best idea is having at least 30 minutes interval between the time you buying the ticket and the departure time (but this is ideal for couple/2 persons, if your group is huge, I suggest at least 1 hour :-) )

That's my first Shanghai trip. 3 days 2 nights. It was really a short trip but I enjoyed it very much. Special thanks to Ang for providing free hotel stay and company to see Shanghai.  

Shanghai Trip 上海之旅 Day 2

Oh I've came back from SuZhou already by the time you're reading this post. It was a good experience of working abroad and going through a culture that's long lost in my blood trace. However, I'm going to continue my Shanghai post while my memory is still working fresh.

My 2nd day (3rd April) in Shanghai was kinda solo adventure. I slept til 9 something in the morning and had breakfast in Starbuck, near to Jiangsu metro station. There I met an old couple from Taiwan who were asking the staff of Starbuck to get them universal adapter and I was kind to let them use my friend's universal adapter. (My Malaysian friend, Ang asked me to get the adapter he left in the hotel room & pass him at night when we meet). The Taiwanese couple were with a young guy who they claimed was their share broker in Shanghai. Honestly I do not trust the guy but it's not my business though. Taiwanese wife was so friendly and chatted a while with me while the agent was busy with the laptop. She and the husband were traveling a lot and been to Kuala Lumpur as well. She introduced me a few places to go in Shanghai. Then she asked me to join them for lunch. Hmm...I kindly rejected them and I continued to explore Shanghai on my own. 

Jing'an Temple 静安寺, situated in West Nanjing Road 南京西路

I took a cab to Jing'an temple but I did not enter it. Regrettably I should have pay the entrance fare & get it. Anyway I went to Jing'an Park, opposite Jing'an temple for lunch. The Taiwanese couple recommended me a Balinese restaurant next to the lake in the park, and I've been to Bali before (click here to see my Bali post), so why not give it a try of south-east Asia food in China.

 Jing'an Park, entrance

 Jing'an Park, directory map

 Jing'an Park, history & detail

 Jing'an Park, the biggest lake in the park & that's the Balinese restaurant right there!

 Bali Laguna on the Park, Balinese restaurant

Ice Cendol drink

 Mushroom soup with coconut milk

 Fried Mee Hoon

Mango Pudding

It's familiar food to me because I'm from south-east Asia. It was not as good as the Taiwanese couple claimed. It was just okay food. But one good point to come here is the lake. You would enjoy it so much, with the cold weather & lake scene. I remember the price was standard but I forgot how much I paid for it. Hehehe. LazyBun's style! 

I continued my solo adventure to LuJiaZui 陆家嘴, to fulfill my dream of being at the top of the world. From there of course you can see Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Bank of China, all the magnificent buildings around the area.

JinMao Tower, Shanghai

My target is the tallest building in China! Unfortunately I went to JinMao Tower first because I thought that's the building I wanted to go. I was wrong. JinMao is not the tallest building in Shanghai nor China. I asked the counter girl about which building is taller (compare to the next building to it) when I was buying the ticket and she said she didn't know. Was she really don't know or she just want me to buy the ticket? I bought the ticket anyway and it was $120rmb for adult. The lift took 46seconds from the bottom to 88th floor with wind speed and it is 340.1m high. Observatory deck is 360 degree to see whole Shanghai. Well, I don't wanna write many words and you can always google it or here is the shot of the leaflet (click the photo for enlarge version). Let me show the rest of the photos.

 The Chinese Highest Air Post Office in JinMao Tower 88th floor!

 Some history about Guan Gong you can read it on the wall. Quite interesting!

Gift shop

View is taken from JinMao Tower 88th floor

View is taken from JinMao Tower 88th floor

Look the air (heaven?), seriously polluted.

SWFC viewed from JinMao Tower 88th floor

Grand Hyatt Hotel's lobby at 53th floor, viewed from 88th floor!

Click to enlarge it and read it.

The other side of the Shanghai

I was there for like 30 minutes and I couldn't wait anymore for SWFC. I was a bit lost when I tried to find the entrance into SWFC, I mean for the observatory. I went to the entrance facing Shi Ji Da Dao road 世纪大道 and it was almost empty inside. I only saw 2 corporate guys standing right there in the centre of the hall. Ops. Immediately I asked the security guard standing next to me that where the heck was the observatory ticket counter. He said the next entrance on the west.

 I walked out thinking how stupid I was. But then again, I saw no tourist around here. People just walking by roadside and keep going straight follow Shi Ji Da Dao road. Eventually I found the entrance. It was located in Dongtai road, this road separated JinMao Tower and SWFC. So I got in and bought the ticket for $150rmb. 

According to the price for different floor you can enter. Trust me, just get the $150rmb ticket. You don't see or enjoy much at 94th floor. 

The journey was the same as in Burj Khalifa, where you can read the history & transformation of the city over the years. After that, you are good to go, queue for the lift.

Shanghai city model

This skyscraper is with height of 492 meters (1614.2 ft), currently the World 3rd tallest building, after Burj Khalifa (829.84 meters) & Taipei 101 (508 meters). SWFC has the highest observation deck in the world, height of 474 meters, at 100th floor! This experience was slightly different from At the Top of Burj Khalifa (I've been there!). You're at 474 meters high and walking on glass floor. How do you feel? I was freaking out! Everyone walked normally and I was panic how should I go to the other side of the exit if I don't step on it. 

SWFC at 100th floor, currently the highest observation deck in the world with height of 474m

Hmm...see my video for the footage. I was nervous and walking slowly, pretended like I didn't know the floor was glass made. Wait...I was excited too. Kekeke

Here are few photos I got from the observation deck. All from the same standing point. Ok ok, I was scared! Argghhh!!! (I didn't pee in my pant, though)

Less than 15 minutes at 100th floor, I went to 97th floor by lift. It was a relief! Now that I could look up and not look down. Hahaha. 

Later on from 97th floor to 94th floor you could just take escalator. There was nothing much in 94th floor but just 1 cafe restaurant (didn't open that day) and gift stall. Oh yes, they have toilet in this floor in case you feel like wanna have a quick pee after a quick shock at 100th floor....I meant me. HAHAHA! 

SWFC at 94th floor. Everyone just resting and lazy-ing.

So that's my 3rd tallest building 'adventure'...well whatever you wanna call it. I took 90 minutes for two highest towers in Shanghai and spent $270rmb for the entrance fare. I also bought some fridge magnets in JinMao Tower and SWFC. Kekeke. 

In closing to evening, I spent an hour dining in Aniseed Saigon 大茴香, a Vietnamese restaurant. It is located at one of the floor in SWFC mall. Well, I'm not really into Vietnamese food because of the vegetable I don't like, but it was the only restaurant that I saw (right front of me) and could afford to pay for a simple meal. The meal was good and I loved that burger! 

Some photos taken while I walking to the station:

再见 (bye), you both!

I like this pic the most, from a few I deleted.

My energy was fully charged after the meal and rest. I continued my journey to the other side of the river, the Bund 外滩. I supposed to meet Ang there for dinner. From LuJiaZui station 陆家嘴站 to East NanJing Rd station 南京东路站, only the next station. Once got out from East NanJing Rd station, look for East NanJing Road and heading East direction.

 The view after I got out from East NanJing Rd Station

The view after I got out from East NanJing Rd Station

I was following the crowds there & also not to miss checking my iPhone GPS! Awesome! 10-15 minutes walk from the station to the Bund and then BANG! The spectacular night view of Shanghai. It was difficult to get a good picture of the night view but I got few with my iPhone!

Ang came eventually and we started our restaurant hunting again. I totally forgot the name but it was a typical local Chinese restaurant. The moment I sat down my iPhone was out of battery! I couldn't at least check in the place in my foursquare! Of course the food photos also didn't take.  I have to get the photos from Ang then. 

My 2nd day in Shanghai~awesome!