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Shanghai Trip 上海之旅 2/4 - 4/4/2012

Everyone said you must go to see Shanghai since you're in Suzhou.
Yes I'm in Suzhou.
...but I didn't post anything in my blog about this!
I'm so sorry about it.
To be honest, I still have Japan & Taiwan trip photos waiting to be upload here, but my schedule was really tight. 
 So first let me post about my Shanghai trip 3 days 2 nights.
There were public holidays from 2/4 to 4/4 due to Qingming festival in China. So I took this opportunity to see Shanghai.
I first planned with my Malaysian friend who recently moved to Shanghai for work and coincidentally he got free accommodation for me to stay 2 nights!
How amazing that this is happening!
Thank God!
 His company paid for the hotel room and meanwhile he could hunt for apartment to stay permanently. Well he found it and I got the chance to stay in the hotel room! 
The hotel is Howard Johnson All Suites Hotel(绿地豪生酒店), located at No.1155 Yan'an West Road延安西路. (junction with Pan'yu Road番禺路)
It sound difficult to find the hotel but if you can tell the taxi driver near which roads junction then it should be no problem.
Better check on Google map or SOSO map (chinese version) for the exact location before you travel.
It is all suites type and I love everything about it!
Later I found out that it is considered 5 star hotel.
Let's show you some of the photos here first before I continue my itinerary in Shanghai.

Saturday morning I took a cab from apartment to SuZhou Railway Station for only 12rmb, short distance of course. 
The taxi dropped me right front of the ticket counter floor.
For foreigner to take railway train in China, you have to show passport when buying the ticket.
Maybe the government wants to keep trace of people, cos I saw local people show their Identity Card too. 
Here's the ticket! 

On the ticket I saw my passport number, so that no one can steal my ticket? 
Doesn't make sense. Unless you look suspicious and the police do checking on you. Hehe
The ticket costs me 35rmb for one way, from SuZhou straight to Shanghai railway station.
(it costs me 40rmb to get back from Shanghai, maybe peak hour? But this time the train stop at Kun'shan station昆山站 before SuZhou station苏州站.)

There are so many information printed on the ticket. First, after you purchased the ticket, you go in to waiting hall. 
 The waiting hall. There were mini-market and washroom. 

You have to go through a security check! Good idea! Then just take a seat. 10-15minutes before the train comes, there will be announcement asks you to get ready and queue to get in platform, not the train yet. haha. 
It is important to know the train number (G7047 printed on ticket), and which platform (this will be display on the big screen in the waiting hall). 
Once you're allowed to get in platform, then please beware of which aisle you should be heading to. (14车, right-top corner on the ticket means 14th aisle)

Don't worry about getting a seat inside the train because you have a reserved seat/bunk. The number is printed on right-top corner. (after '14车' is '15B' which means seat number 15th row seat B)
They serve food & drink. Of course you have to buy, it doesn't included. The train is clean and spacious. 
It is important to remember which station you going to because the train doesn't wait for you. There will be announcement 3-4 minutes before the arrival, so that you can get ready your luggage. Don't worry, they speak English as well after Chinese announcement. 

The whole experience of taking railway train in China is like taking a flight. The process of 'checking in & boarding' and the facility/service provided in the train.
I felt that way because this is my first time taking a real railway train in my life.
23 minutes later, I reached Shanghai railway station!
Travel alone is quite nervous and lonely. 
I realised that I can't travel alone. This is a fact now! LOL.
I simply walked toward an exit and bingo! 
The first ever image of Shanghai right front of me. I did a 360 degree to look at the buildings.
Photos please! (kekeke)

To take a public cab, I had to go underground again, just opposite the station (last pic above). 
It will be difficult to find if you don't speak Chinese language.
So I went to the underground and took a cab to the hotel. 

I don't remember how much I paid for the cab, but the journey from Shanghai station to Howard Johnson All Suites Hotel took 10-12minutes. After arriving, my Malaysian friend came shortly and brought me to the room.
Like I said, I love the hotel room. Photos are already shown in the beginning of this post.
Later on found out that my iPhone 4S was out of battery soon. 
I didn't charge my external battery as well. 
Couldn't waste an hour to charge, we went on with our plan. 
First, we took the metro train Line 2 from Jiang'su station江苏站 to Nan'jing West Road station南京西路站 for lunch. 
It was 3rmb per way ticket. 
The restaurant we went is called 'Nan Xiang Steamed Bun Restaurant' 南翔馒头店
The waiter & waitress were unfriendly and the whole restaurant was packed. 
We ordered a few dishes to share. I didn't get the name of the dish this time. I was afraid running out of battery.

The steamed buns were not good. For me, it just normal steamed bun.
We had 3 types of steamed bun: Fresh pork, crabmeat & pork, shrimp & pork.

Vinegar tasted pork ribs

After lunch we went to Uniqlo to check out the store. 
My friend needs some long sleeve shirts
3 floors and full of customers!
The staff were so friendly and smiling all the time.
I bought myself a shirt there. 

Spent around 40minutes for shopping and then next tourist destination will be Lu Jia Zui 陆家嘴.
All the tourist destination in Shanghai I believe you can reach there by metro train. 
My phone battery went flat by the time we reach there. But fortunately there's an Apple store!
It was not a problem if you charge your phone there. Cool. 
This Apple store was cool. You couldn't see anything but a round glass see through wall. it was like 2 1/2 floors high. Then there is staircase for you to walk down to the real store. 
Full of people and I like it!

As usual, my style! Take photo with my face close up! Self-take.

 China Peace building

This one the quality of photo lousy! Ops ..

Upper half of Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, all kind of buildings you can look at in that area. Above photos were taken after phone charging in Apple store.
(more photos in next post)

After charging my phone to like 25%, we had a rest and ordered drinks in Haiku Restaurant, right next to Apple store.
 Evening was approaching and time for dinner again. 
Before going to Jing'An temple station nearby for dinner, we did shopping again in ZhengDa Mall 正大广场。I bought David Beckham brand again but not underwear. It's singlet and the price is 149rmb. Not sure the price in Japan already. I buy things do not remember the price. This is LazyBun. Kekeke

We had a difficult time to find direction to a local restaurant nearby Jing'An temple. This restaurant is special because whenever Karen Mok is in Shanghai she will dine in this restaurant. And this restaurant is inside a house!
Something different.
We found it with iPhone's map direction.
The so called My Home (我家餐厅), is located opposite Hilton hotel.
Again, within 1-2 hours my iPhone battery drained. So I couldn't take the photo of the house. Luckily my friend, a food blogger loves to take food photo just like any other Malaysian, here I share his photos:

 Fried Egg with tomato - 20rmb

 Pork meat with green chili - 25rmb

 My Home Chicken Wing - 25rmb

What's in English ? Kekeke. It is the last item on the order list above.

I love all, especially the chicken wing and last dish. 
I feel like I was eating at home with friend.
It it just amazing this is allowed in China. Does it legal in Malaysia? (I know some Bak Kut Teh operated by home owner at their houses. LOL)

My 1st day in Shanghai had come to an end.

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