Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dad's Birthday & visiting God-son

Hometown again.
This trip was about my visiting to my little god-son and my father's 48th birthday as well as Mother's Day.

As usual, we went to seafood dinner in Pasir Penambang, "Kedai Steamboat Kampung" (鱼乡海鲜火蜗小食馆)
Total price is RM 155.00

At night I visited my best friend. 
She gave birth to a son, my god-son.
After 3 months, finally I met my god-son! So adorable!

Daddy's little 'party' afterward, and the cake was good. Luckily they all loved it.

This is Choco Walnut cake, from Lavender. RM 68

Wonderful weekend.
How's your weekend, friends & readers?

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