Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kampachi @ Pavilion

Today went to TCM Solutions in Wisma Cosway for my 2nd acupuncture session. Well, after 1 years plus I attended physiotherapy in Spinal Inc Mont Kiara and then been traveling since early of the year until now, it's time to get back on the right track, to continue fighting my misery. Anyway, life moves on, time goes on and I struggles on.

Again, time for lunch. Went to Kampachi @ Pavilion with my partner. It was my first time. Kampachi, a fine dining Japanese restaurant owned by Equatorial Hotel. In Klang Valley, you can find it in Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Equatorial hotel Bangi-Putrajaya, and of course Pavilion shopping mall. Of course they have Kampachi in every Equatorial hotel in Malaysia. Visit HERE for more information. I lazy to explain. LOL. The price is pretty hotel's standard and bear in mind before you walk in if you're a budget person. 

Kampachi Pavilion. 
This photo taken using stupid Ollcollp fisheye lens for iPhone. I will tell more about this lens story next week after I get my Olloclip lens. 

LazyBun's pose as usual, while waiting for my Ten Don set. 

Ten Don set. RM 45
There were cuttlefish, fish & two prawns. All were amazingly fresh! (can I describe like that? Ha) The fried prawns' meat was different from other Japanese restaurant like Ichiban Boshi or Kiku Zakura. One more thing to mention, I love the cuttlefish piece! I know it look simple & for RM 45 you can enjoy more quantity food out there. I agree with you, but consider the freshness of the seafood they used & with premium hotel's standard, you can't find it anywhere. It's exclusive! Maybe that's the reason people are willingly to pay and trust me, the business is good over there. Gosh!

Tokyo Bento. RM 50
Garlic fried rice, beef rolls & prawn, salmon, yellowtail fish & tuna. All you can see in the photo. Of course, they were fresh meats!

The Ocha (green tea) was RM 5 each cup. Hehehe...exclusively expensive huh. For just two of us, total bill was about RM 120. About the same amount as my a day salary, gosh!
In Pavilion, there is actually another Japanese restaurant I haven't try yet is Tonkatsu. I do not do research. As what LazyBun's style, eat first then I tell my own opinion, whether good or bad, I'll just post it. :D

Enjoy your weekend, friends and readers.

Note: Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm going to try my friend's newly open restaurant somewhere in Kepong. He just told me that he closed up the restaurant in Taipan and move to Kepong with new & nicer menu. I did once tried his restaurant in Taipan before my business trip to Suzhou. The food was good but definitely he needs to do something for the restaurant in terms of servicing & the whole look of the restaurant! (Again, I missed the post about his food in my blog.) Let me check it out tomorrow. Hehehe.

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