Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Logitech Bedside Dock for iPad, iPhone & iPod

After hunting for few days in different Machine store and other speaker/accessories shops, my partner decided to get this Logitech Bedside Dock from Logitech store in Midvalley.

The main purpose is to replace the old radio machine in the room. But what my partner love about it is the fact that it can recharge iPhone & listen to his favourite british radio channel via TuneIn app. In fact, this app allows you to listen any radio station from all over the world! He loves it so much! (Well, I already been using it since I got iPhone 4S. )

However, I still love the old radio clock. For me, its priceless. I'm gonna keep it! This is the one:

Here's the new one: Logitech Bedside Dock for iPhone, iPad & iPod.

Try with my iPad 2. Kekeke...

Then we try iPhone:

 Bass intensifier.

"Logitech Bedside Dock consists of a stereo speaker that comes with a full bass regulator, FM radio, charging features which can serve torecharge the battery while the speakers in your iOS gadget is active, and an alarm to wake you up from sleep." ... from

Logitech Bedside Dock Features:
- Full Stereo Speaker
- FM Radio with Auto Scan
- Bass Intensifier
- Alarm with music
- Battery Life (8 hours)

I will try with the feature of playing favourite song for the alarm. Kekeke. Time for me to watch DVD again. (孙子大传)

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