Saturday, May 26, 2012

Olloclip made my Saturday!

What a fulfill Saturday. 
It's been a while, this feeling is back!
Most probably the iPhone lens made me excited.

Today went to Wisma Cosway for my acupuncture 3rd session. It went well, I had no 'complaint'. Kekeke. But spending another RM 100 (each session + herb medicine for a week).
Today I brought my Olloclip iPhone lens with me. Basically I tried to snap some beautiful photos but not quite beautiful.
I love the wide angle lens so that I do not need to step backward to take an object I want. The (some) photos of this post are taken by using my iPhone 4S with Olloclip lens (fisheye & wide angle).

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (back view) - Olloclip wide angle lens

We always park the outdoor car park next to Hakka Restaurant. RM 8 per entry on Saturday. Photo above taken from the car park there.

 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (entrance view) - Olloclip fisheye lens

 Shiseido cheerleading? Never a good idea to cheer on concrete floor. Big mistake. 

Sephora Kuala Lumpur. My manager really need to see this! He didn't know Sephora in town, instead he asked me to take a photo of Sephora at In City mall in Suzhou China during our work trip there. 

After acupuncture, we had lunch in Grandmama's. We got the whole afternoon before dinner. Yes we have planned to try out Five Senses Restaurant in The Westin Hotel (Formerly is EEST restaurant). 

 Fish ball Noodles. RM 15.00
8 fishballs & great portion. I love it!

Spring Onion & Ginger Beef Hor Fun. RM 15.50

Went to Starhill Gallery to check out Debenhams department store. Didn't get anything. Not really a fan of this store but interior design is not bad. At this point, we were still waiting for 5.30pm's early dinner. Just hang around since nothing to do.

Louis Vuitton in Starhill Gallery. This photo taken by using iPhone 4S + Olloclip's fisheye lens + Instagram's effect.

Later on we went back to Pavilion to buy 1837 TWG Tea. They finally open in the branded wing of Pavilion mall. 
Quite a nicely done up and the golden color brighten my eyes. LOL

Bought two teas. Earl Grey Buddha & Black Tea. RM 59.90 each.

At least it's quite a happening Saturday to me (spending money!). I felt better. Hehehe. 

For dinner, please click below link to see the post. I separate them for easy reference. :D


  1. Hi ya doing? just bumped into ur blog a week ago.can't believe those fish eye shots were actually taken by iphone attached with tat olloclip lens? where did u get it from btw? mind to share??

  2. hi FD, I'm doing okay. Hope the same to you.

    Yes. those fish eye shots were taken by my iPhone 4S attached with olloclip lens ( I shall write about olloclip in my next post).

    I got it from a distributor in Penang, Malaysia.
    Are you local? If yes, please do not order it from Lelong or because they are not genuine.

    Here's the facebook website:

    Order from them. 100% genuine!
    Please share after you got it and the shots. Do you have a blog?