Tuesday, May 15, 2012

River Garden 天河 @ River City Jalan Ipoh

I can't believe I couldn't find any of my post that wrote about River Garden.
It has been and still my favourite Chinese restaurant in Jalan Ipoh area.
Recently they have Parents' menu set from last week til mid of June. (Not quite sure the exact date but the manager said until Father's Day).
It was full house last Sunday when partner and I went there for our usual dinner.
Glad to see that. Hehehe.

Here's the photo! That time was just renovated. Before this, the restaurant was just next shop.

Tonight we went again for another dinner.
They have new special menu on the table, and we tried few dishes.
Let me share the photos:

River Garden Roasted Pork 天河酱爆烧肉 RM 18
Taste very good. Very crispy & crunchy pork skin. Excellent!

Hong Kong Kai Lan with Yam Gravy 芥兰 RM 16
Yam gravy style. First time lor. Not bad. Kai Lan is always so good in this restaurant.

Homemade Beancurd with Pumpkin sauce 黄金琵琶豆腐 RM 16
(Tonight we had this) I just love the presentation and the color. Yummy!

Fish meat with Curry in Claypot RM 25
(Tonight we had this) Supposed "Curry Fish Head in claypot" but we asked them to use fishmeat. We don't like fish head, we just want the curry sauce. Kekeke.

 Free dessert...sometimes only..kekeke.

Here's the new special menu on the table.

This is special menu for this 2 months. (Mother's day & Father's day)

There are so many food photos from this restaurant that I've taken for the past 2-3 years, but I didn't really post it here. This is because every time we dine in we only order 2-3 dishes (just 2 of us) and sometimes we just order ala carte like porridge and dumpling mee soup.

Here's are some I can find and post:

 One of my favourite! Dumpling mee soup. Price around RM 7 (definitely less than that)
I always order but I never remember the price. @@

Porridge. The best ever porridge in town! Price around RM 6. (I don't remember again)
I just don't understand why people dine-in next a tyre shop & along the roadside to eat porridge but they never wonder there is a proper & nice ambiance Chinese restaurant just across the road & the price was same range but with bigger portion. And the most important thing is, it tastes BETTER than the one next to tyre shop. We always go for porridge whenever we feeling not well. Kekeke.

Oh my gosh, the list just go on. Let me quickly upload the photos. Lazy to explain and time to watch DVD again.
Please go and try. Then tell me what do you think. For all the friends and family we brought there, they were happy and enjoyed the food! 

Below photos are combined as a set. River Garden recently has this dinner set for 3-4 pax, price is RM 88+
4 dishes and dessert as well. 

And do not ever forget to order their roasted pork 烧肉. Not just this, they have chicken, duck, and barbecued pork叉烧. Excellent! Here's the photo:

If you really doubt about my visit to this restaurant, you can check out the foursquare check in of that restaurant when you are there. Hehehe. And my friends always thought I go to high-class restaurant to eat expensive food. To be honest, this restaurant might look like classy but the price is very reasonable and standard. The food is damn good ( to me ). Hopefully the day you going is not a bad day to you. :D

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