Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vedablu @ Phileo Damansara I

Recently every office workers in Phileo Damansara I & maybe in Phileo Damansara II as well, been talking about this newly open ice cream store. People around are wondering why not open a food restaurant in Phileo Damansara instead of ice cream store? People there are desperate for another food restaurant to ease the crowd flow during lunch hour.

This ice cream store is called Vedablu. It is located in Block A, Phileo Damansara I. If you're office worker there, sure you will see it. It has just opened about 2 weeks ago. Here's the store picture: 

New thing in Phileo Damansara, must try! So one burning hot noon after lunch I suggested to my manager to try the ice cream. I was damn hot (sweating)! So we went in and ordered ice cream, to check out what else they sell there. 

Topping each type RM 1. It's up to you :)

There have two tables only inside and two bar stools (I find the bar stools are 'lebih' one, because I don't think people will sit there and it's narrow space with the next table). Mostly people will just take away. According to the supervisor (should be, since I just figured it out she's not the boss today) that they have moved the factory from Kota Kinabalu to Phileo Damansara. The main purpose of this store is actually for conducting training for any succeed Vedablu franchise applicant. Interesting! 

Here is the ice cream I bought last week. The top scoop is Pistachio and bottom scoop is Mango Waterlily. The price of this waffle basket with 2 scoops is RM 14.20
They provide taste testing for each flavor, so you have to taste all (they don't mind) and pick the ones you like. 
Mango Waterlily is good & you gotta try Pistachio as well (I call it Pikachu, LOL)

Let's pose, shall we!

Today I went to Vedablu again to try other flavor. I found new flavors! So the thing is, they will change the flavors around each 2-3 days. Let's see this photo and compare to previous one (above). I saw Dragon Fruit and Green Tea! 

Flavors are changed from every 2-3 days. :)

So I had two scoops again. Top scoop is Choco Rocher and bottom scoop is Green Tea. RM 14.20
I like Green Tea but Choco Rocher is just ... so so. Kekeke. 

They are not just selling ice creams. Therefore colleague went there with me tagged along to ask about cake (should be the ice cream come first, haha). Vedablu sells cake as well. They even serve tea break set like a slice of cake with a cup of Latte/Cappuccino. Didn't really know the set though. For some companies in Phileo Damansara they do celebrate staff's birthday in like almost every month, so I guess Vedablu can survive if the cake is good (Will have the chance to taste next month's birthday celebration by company). 

Look at her. She is so happy with her choice: (Classic Cup) Mango Waterlily ice cream. One scoop only =.= RM 7.50

Overall, I like the concept. Maybe next week will go and try new flavor. Hehehe. Here is the website. Anything about the ice cream flavor, cakes and franchise is there. I am LazyBun, lazy to explain further. :) Enjoy!

Vedablu website :

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