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Maldives - Club Med Kani 5D4N

Ola Ola! Now I can tell people that I have been to Maldives!
What a wonderful trip it was. Some what I feel like going back again in near future but to different island of Maldives. Yeah I wish that, huh!

Again, I have been very busy with work since I came back from the trip. Plus I have to arrange the photos and have done some editing as well. 
Tonight, let me bring you to one of the island in Maldives. 
The fact is that there are 1192 islands and about 200 islands are inhabited. 
The island I went is Club Med Kani which looks like a carrot with leaves, I mean the island shape.

Photo belongs to

Look 'okay' right?
You can walk around the whole island! Such a small island though..kekeke.

It was only 5 days 4 nights, from 8/6/2012 - 12/6/2012.
Well, it was actually only 4 full days 4 nights. The flight was 8:45pm on 8th and arrived in Male International Airport at around 10:45pm local time in Maldives.
It took more than 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Maldives and the timezone is 3 hours different.
After arrival, I was stunned by the arrival hall.
It is rather small and all in one. Custom migration, luggage waiting and exit door, all in one hall. It was so 'efficient' and you hardly spend time to look around the airport.

Once got out of arrival hall, immediately there was a Japanese girl G.O. waiting for us in the Club Med counter stand.

We were quite tired and sleepy because back in Malaysia it was already almost 2am, and soon we were taken to Club Med speedboat just outside of arrival hall. 
So, we were heading to the tiny island in a dark and edge-less universe, nothing but sound of the speedboat motor gearing in fierce against the Indian ocean's wave.
After 25 minutes, we eventually arrived in destination - Club Med Kani. 

It was too late for us and quickly G.O. guided us to our beautiful beach villa (well, couldn't see anything in the dark, but I meant inside :-) ).

The next morning I couldn't wait to go to the beach and see Indian Ocean! 
It was breathtaking and absolutely gorgeous! 
Will show the photo in a short while.
Let me continue telling you my agenda there. 

This photo was taken the first day breakfast and it found me. So I couldn't miss this great opportunity to use my Olloclip micro lens in Maldives! See, it looked at me and said hi. 

After breakfast buffet, introduction of every sport activity was briefing by a G.O. and he took us around to meet different G.O. who responsible for each sport. Well, we are not sport guys though. 
Club Med is always having different activities that be joined by anyone generally throughout the day and night. 
They even design a theme for the day. Like this first day the theme was "Black and White". So you could see G.O.s will wear in black and white. We were not prepare for this. Hahaha. 
Anyway, after briefing partner and I went to Sunset Beach Bar to had drink. 
Drink as much as you ( I ) want!

Hmm... let me just cut short my 'words', I believe for Maldives, photos will do the talking.
And there's nothing much to do in a small island like this. 
All I did were drinking cocktail/mocktail, sun tanning, taking photos and waiting for meals. Hahaha.
Ooppsss, forgot one more thing: mobile online as well. Hahaha. unfortunately the wifi signal was extremely weak! I bet a lot of G.M.s sure complain about it but there's nothing G.O. can do. This is a tiny island in Indian Ocean. What do you ( I ) expect?!?

First Day basically introduction for Club Med. I went to do Spa in the afternoon. It was Ethic Package for $ 185 USDollar (original price but I got 35% discount) for only 1 hour 50 minutes. Foot, facial and full body massage. Okay, here's the funny story. I wore a jockstrap that time I didn't know I need to get naked. So the Indonesian masseuse (they from Bali) gave me a disposable 'paper' underwear. I did not strip all. I wore only my jockstrap still and that disposable underwear. I guessed my face should be so red then. Hahaha. At night we didn't go join the activity because somehow we were still 'jet-lag' and Malaysian time was always in our mind. Kekeke. So we back to villa and sleep early. 

During 2nd day in the island, we were hanging out in the Sunset Beach Bar also. Mocktails + trying to post some photos to Facebook via mobile phone. We also not missing our own private beach in the other side of island, where our beach villa is located.

I love the beach but the problem is a lot of dead corals. Have to be very careful when in the sea water and slippers on. Birthday cake from Club Med during dinner in restaurant.  All of them sang birthday song for me. Ahhh! Same like last year in il-Lido restaurant back in K.L. Performance on stage at night and we participated. It made me laugh out loud and I recorded it. Gosh. I'm not sure if I want to post the video. Hahaha.

We walked the island beach from one to another end. And I had few lovely photos would like to share later. On this 3rd day we were just sun tanning, taking photos and photos. I did some acrobatic moves on the wooden deck to the jetty. Crazy but luckily I did it. Something to remember about Maldives. L.O.L. My partner won 2nd prize (discounts for gift shop) in the Bingo game and we used it to buy Club Med slippers. 

On last day we had to check out at 11am but we still can enjoy buffet and unlimited drinks. The flight was around 9pm. Relax and relax. In the afternoon I participated darts game with bunch of Europeans. Out of 7-8 people, I won the game in 2nd place. What a retreat. I was walking away when I saw two guys that were quite good playing it and they were receiving the 3rd and 4th place metal. I thought I couldn't make it but they called my name. "Nick!" Ahhh! I won something! Shiok!

That's the agenda I guess. Kekeke.
Some G.O. were very nice to us. Without their company, I bet we would end up saying G.O.s there were not friendly. Hahaha.
For this Club Med Kani, I love the beach, love the villa and love the island.
However the food there was not as good as Club Med Phuket or Bali. 
The reason is everything in Maldives are expensively imported. Therefore cost taking into consideration. So, for those who are going there in future, please do not complain. Kekeke. 

Now, the photo session begins.

The Beach Villa

Taken on first night we arrived. 

 My Olloclip fisheye lens. Love it!

 Main door entry view. Wardrobe and mirrors every corner. 

Snapshot from inside the shower area.

 I took a shower here, outside. Hope no one saw me though.

 Outside villa and our very own beach

The resort - Club Med Kani

Photos with G.O.

 Angel theme night..everyone was wearing white.

 Poor G.O. She was hanging and sitting there for like 30 minutes while everyone was having dinner.

 Friendly French G.O. 

 Friendly French G.O. 

I'm so sorry. At this point, my blog photo size has reached 1gb and I am not allowed to upload more photos. 
Crap! I thought it was unlimited free? Haha!
So for the rest of the photos, I will post them to my photobucket. 
It needs no words I guess...Kekeke..

Link: (changed to next post) Maldives Club Med Kani

Terribly sorry and I will check again on the error. 
Hope you guys enjoy.

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