Thursday, June 7, 2012

Samira by Asian Terrace @ Sentul Park (KLPac)

Today after work, my mood was better.
Tomorrow, partner and I are going to Maldives (maybe this is the reason why the mood is better now).
Partner has found out the new Thai restaurant which replaced the former Japanese restaurant in Sentul Park, has 10% discount with CIMB credit card.
Well, we are the sucker of this. Kekeke.
So we went to this Thai restaurant finally.

The name is Samira by Asian Terrace, located in next the lake of Sentul Park.
Heard from neighbour friend said that there is another one Solaris Mont Kiara. He said that the food is good but overprice.
Before going in, we just hope there is at least air-conditioner installed. Thai food is going to make us sweat. But when come to think of the former Japanese restaurant (we had been here before), it should be open concept with the overview of the lake. They won't do much of the renovation I guessed. Then, unsurprisingly it was no air-conditioner. It was so dark with only candle light on each of the tables. The interior was in dark color as well. It is not pleasant during night hours but I bet it looks good during the daylight.

I snapped 2 photos only, because they were taken before the staff of the restaurant stop me. It is not allowed to take photo of the restaurant, the management's order. Haha. What's the big deal anyway? LOL. Anyway, here's the photos:

 Outdoor seating. 

Indoor interior. 

 Be careful if you are going for dinner with your elderly family members, make sure you watch out for them. I mean the route to the restaurant is full with little rocky stones & shaky woods. 
For the meals, we ordered Massaman Curry of course, Grilled fish fillets with banana leaf and Asparagus with shrimp paste. For dessert, we had Samira's Red Ruby (in Thai's they called Tab Tim Grob). 

 Massaman Curry (Beef) RM 28.00
It tastes as good as we had it in Krabi last year. Yum yum! No spicy. That's the beauty.

 Asparagus Shrimp Paste RM 17.00

 Grilled Fish Fillets with banana leaf RM 32.00
Excellent but expensive. Very small portion. 

Samira's Red Ruby (Tab Tim Grob) RM 9.00

Coke drink price is RM 6.00, a glass. (not a Can)
Rice you can have many as you like, each person is RM 4.00 ( I had two bowls )
All total around RM 110. With 10% from CIMB credit card, actually just save the service charge 10%. Hahaha. Better than nothing~

That's for dinner.
Hope have a sweet dream of Maldives tonight, the mood is coming as tomorrow is getting closer. Haha.
Happy Birthday to me on 10th June, which I will be in Maldives. Something special to remember.

Samira by Asian Terrace
Lot 268, Sentul Park
Jalan Strachan, Off Jalan Ipoh,
51100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +60129213880


  1. hey, i just went there, met the PR manager,in fact they don allow photograph because of flashlights and privacy of othr guests...meanwhile to keep the place exclusive as they have lots of expatriates, vips who prefer to dine quietly there. I think they make sense as we do not want to be capture in all the blogs for just a simple dinner, right. :)

  2. Well the time i went there was not a single customer. But of cos I understand. What do u think of the food there? Any dish u had and would like to recommend?