Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Maldives - Club Med Kani

Due to 1GB of photo size limitation by Blogger, I will have to post all my future photos into photobucket and link them to my blog here.
It becomes troublesome to me. I hope I won't be lazy to do that.

Here's the photos continue from my Maldives post.

The lazybun - Club Med Kani

Baby Sharks in Maldives (video)

The Beach & Ocean view of Club Med Kani island

The beach - Clud Med Kani

The lagoon suite (overwater chalet) - Clud Med Kani

Popular image of spot/angle if you search Maldives Club Med Kani via Google.
This photo is my own! :D

The Jetty - Club Med Kani

After sunset view of jetty point. 

Walking towards the island

The swimming pool - Club Med Kani

Aqua Yoga session during sunset

That's end of my Maldives post. But I have plenty of photos that's not available online which only for private view.
Amazing beach and the sea water. Tiny island. The only regret of this trip was that, we couldn't get water taxi (air plane) for flying high to see the islands from the top. For Club Med Kani, their schedule for water taxi only happens on Wednesday, which we left the island on Tuesday night. What a shame. 

I hope you enjoy the photos and please share it to your friends and family. 

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