Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ala Thai restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas [Closed]

It caught my eyes while I was having dinner with my partner in Ichiban Boshi @ Solaris Dutamas few days ago. The Thai restaurant just right opposite Ichiban Boshi (maybe it is called behind if you're coming from the other side). Obviously I'm not a good food hunter as my partner because he saw it long time ago. LOL. Blame my memory. 

So today after Olympic Badminton Men's Double semifinal match on Astro TV, we went to this Thai restaurant. The name is Ala Thai @ Dutamas Solaris. It was not a single customer. We thought the food might not be good or fresh at first. But then we decided to give a try and I gotta say it was absolutely a good call to dine in. We sat down and looked at the menu. First thing to find was Massamam Curry. Unfortunately they didn't have it for today and we go for Red Curry Beef. We ordered the food and then started to take some photos. Huge mirror wall in the restaurant. I love the spacious between tables. At least it's not narrow walk-way. Give some privacy to each table's diner. Let's check out the photos and my personal comments.

The cashier counter & kitchen on the left.

See, only two of us. 

Red Curry Beef (Dry) RM 18.90++ 
After no Massamam Curry, then we ordered Dry Red Curry Beef. You can choose between Chicken & Beef. The flavor also has choice between Dry & Wet. It was absolutely fantastic! Full mark from me on portion, meat and presentation. 

Butter King Prawn (Dry) RM 19.90++
This one is dry flavored Butter King Prawn. In this dish it has 8 king prawns for us. We loved it and we 'sapu' everything on the plate. :D Awesome!

Kailan with Salted Fish RM 10.90++
Absolutely gorgeous! I mean the salted fish was quite a lot. Usually if you eat in normal restaurant they served only taste of the salted fish but not fish meat, but this one, you can have salted fish meat as well. 

3 dishes for two. :) (quite a lot ?)

Red Ruby (Tab Tim Grob) RM 5.90++

Of course, we didn't forget about dessert. It's good but when it first served, the ice cube was a huge piece. They didn't knock it into cubes. Then one of the observed waiter saw us curiously looking at the Tab Tim Grob, immediately he apologized and offered to make it right. :) 
The taste was different. Thought it supposed to come with coconut milk but it tasted more like condensed milk. But I guessed it's coconut milk. :)

Definitely will go there again. I just hope they keep the quality and standard. And it would be great if they play some traditional Thai music instead of English Pop song. Kekeke. By checking their receipt, they also provide call for delivery & catering. Awesome!

I'm not a food blogger. I just blog about places I go, the food I eat. So I hope you guys enjoy the post and please have some more Thai food if you're keen with curries. :) (By the way, Thai curry is not really spicy. It just make me sweat a lot. Haha. But please do not try to swallow the chilies. 

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NOTE: It is closed now. I got no chance to taste it for 2nd time in Solaris Dutamas (Publika) here. Went there during end of September and the restaurant is closed. Not temporary and Not renovation. It is officially closed. :( Please take note ya!)

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