Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tosca @ Double Tree by Hilton - Andrew Blundy's ~Bring Me Food~

Last night my partner brought me to Tosca, an Italian restaurant at Double Tree by Hilton in The
Intermark for dinner. Well I meant, he paid for the meal and I drove him there, of course. 

The purpose of going there was to checking out the place and the restaurant as well. It has been years we were talking about going to check out The Intermark, until now that my partner read an article from newspaper of this Chef who has more than 25 years experience and knowledge about Italian food has come to KL to show off some of his food skill. So there we go. 

The Chef is Michelin Guide accredited Chef named Anfrew Blundy from UK. Just like what BEN's saying: Never trust a slim chef. indeed, Andrew is a goddamn fat chef. (Please forgive me, I'm just being funny) The most important thing is, he is goddamn good chef as well. Here is an article interviewing him by CC Food Travel

Photo from

It is our first time to visit The Intermark. Nothing much there apart a few high class shop and restaurants. I was surprised by Austin Chase outlet there. I thought they were closing down as what I observed from The Gardens and Pavilion outlets. Oh I remembered how much I loved it when they first open in The Gardens. But then never go back again ever since they lost the control on coffee taste and provide meal set and menu. Why couldn't just stick to coffee and cake? Well I had no idea about that. Anyway, my partner was crazy over checking out SPACE furniture shop in The Intermark. To me, it was just not for me, considering the price and we are not even close to moving to new place yet. Well he said to get more and better idea...its kinda waste of time for me as I'm not into it. 

Then we were at 10th floor, Tosca restaurant. We were early and there was no diners yet. The waiters were so attentive and smiling all the time. Maybe its because we were early and they had no others to serve. Kekeke. So, Andrew Blundy introduces Bring Me Food, a traditional family style for dining together to eat and share the variety of food. Bring Me Food will be ended by end of November 2012. The tricky part of Bring Me Food is that diners will be given a paper to write down what kind of food don't take or dislike, and diners have to decide the price of the food to be served starting from RM 80++  to maximum RM 280++ per person. Amazing huh? I leave the decision to my partner simply because I'm not the one who is going to pay. LOL. He wrotes RM 120, thats RM 240++ in total bil. Gosh! The food got to be good!

First the supervisor came with 2 glasses of complimentary Mojito. Awesome! It reminded me of my days in Club Med. Hahaha. As usual, the wonderful buns came. 

Then our starter came. It was Mushroom soup. Excellente! Each for both of us.

After mushroom soup, followed by two salads. Blue Fin Tuna Salad as below: 

...and Quail Salad (poor little quail @@) :

It was expensive blue fin tuna. I may not know what the heck is blue fin but it's the most expensive tuna fish. Look at this close up (not really close up) by my iPhone 4S.

Click for bigger image. 

Yummy! Next we have pizza & pasta. Followed by main courses: Rib Eye Steak & Spring Chicken. I gotta say, I was damn full after pizza & pasta. Oh gosh, never expected the portion will be so generous. We both thought its gonna be fine dining meal. We were wrong but worth the money. The meals tasted absolutely fabulous! 

Tomata Cheese Pizza. We weren't quite sure about this pizza name. I didn't taste anything special in it except tomato & cheese were what I saw. Overall, the pizza was good.

Great pasta. Had no idea what's the name, though. 

Spring Chicken with mashed potato & asparagus. Yummy! 

Rib Eye Steak. We didn't finish it all because we were too full. I had to open my pant button for to continue. oh my...

Eventually I was so relief that it came to an end, dessert time! Two of us share this one. I guess that's the purpose of "Bring Me Food" where you and your partner can share the dessert together. 

Overall, the set was great. If you are eater, you have to give it a try. I'm sure Chef Blundy will be pleasure to serve you the best :) If you have CIMB credit card (normal or platinum) you can enjoy 15% discount. Enjoy more discount if you have better card, like CIMB Word card? Hmm, ask the waiter when you're there okay? LOL.

The diners were pouring in after 8.30pm, the rain must had delayed them. So Tosca business must be good always. Let's see if I would have the chance to come back again. Enjoy the photos!

Tosca @ Double Tree by Hilton
Tel:  60-3-2172-7272 
Operating Hour: 
Lunch - 11:30am to 2:30pm
Afternoon Snacks - 2:30pm to 6:30pm
Dinner - 6:30pm to 10:30pm