Sunday, December 1, 2013

Old Seremban Station Kopitiam @ Publika (Solaris Dutamas)

Due to KL Hilton Chynna restaurant is fully booked for Dim Sum lunch, we went to Publika for lunch with Dr.Anthony and his friend. Edo Ichi Japanese restaurant is still the best Japanese Restaurant in Solaris Dutamas in my opinion. We ordered few dishes and shared. After lunch, we walked around the shop lots the same row as Coffee Societe & Coffee Stain by Joseph, from one end to another end. This time we realised there are so many new F&B outlets open, for example Senya Japanese restaurant, few pubs exists opposite the children playground, Old Seremban Station Kopitiam, and even a massage centre called 'touchlab'.

Thanks to Dr.Anthony who did a research walking around and see what's new in Publika. I myself actually lazy to walk and lazy to bother anything. That's me. Then later after a cup of latte break in B'wiched, I headed to TouchLab for acupressure session 60 minutes that costs RM 88+, I didn't take any photos but it actually located at end corner shoplot opposite Marmalade. I shall go there again for variety of massage session. 

After split with Dr.Anthony & his friend and my massage session, time for meal again. We chose Old Seremban Station Kopitiam, located opposite the playground garden. A very typical kopitiam look & feel, doesn't have many customers. We sat down and start ordering. We forgot to check Foursquare comments before we went in. As expected, not a single good review for this kopitiam. Nevermind, since we have already order. 

Old Seremban Station Kopitiam
RM 9.50 Mamak Mee Goreng
Comment : Normal and not spicy at all. Beancurd skin is such turn off for me. 

Old Seremban Station Kopitiam
RM x.xx (I forgot the price) Deep fried wan tan
Comment : Normal only. The sauce is slightly tasteless.

Old Seremban Station Kopitiam
RM 7.50 (roughly) Vegetable fishball soup
Comment : Put more pepper so that it tastes good. LOL. 

Old Seremban Station Kopitiam
RM x.xx (didn't remember at all, I just simply order) Curry Puff
Comment : Very stuffy, I like it actually.

Old Seremban Station Kopitiam

If you ask me whether I will go back again there, I will, once a while. To me, it is just a kopitiam which slightly better than Old Town White Coffee (I banned Old Town White Coffee though). I don't see any selling point from Old Seremban Station Kopitiam. 

That's my Sunday in Publika. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Be grateful of what we have now and thankful for a better tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...Enjoy this festive & last month of 2013!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coffee Société @ Solaris Dutamas (Publika)

Saw it but never heard of it until partner found it out from magazine. And also no need to introduce it because it has been around for 1 1/2 years in Solaris Dutamas. I know I'm a regular to Dutamas but seriously I don't investigate every corner of the area, not even the shop lots outside Publika. Kekeke.

What a day it has been to us. Driving back to Kuala Selangor to check out a property there to let my family live in comfort. Well, it didnt turned out to be perfect as planned. The car was overheated and we almost got heart attack by the alert noise when the temperature indicator hitting red zone! Gosh! Then my dad came to rescue. 

Need a place to sip a cup of coffee and slice of cake. Really need a relax session. So here we are at Coffee Societe in Solaris Dutamas or popular name as Publika. Above is café latte, just normal taste that you can get from dr.Cafe, Starbucks, or any other cafe. Maybe it isn't the popular one in here, but the Walnut Carrot Cake is great to me. It might be spongey a bit but thats the way I like. Not so sweet and walnut is just enough. RM 12++ for the Walnut Carrot Cake and RM 7.90++ for Latte. 

Thats what we had usually for coffee-time in the afternoon during weekend. This place full of people during weekend. If you wanna enjoy a much more quiet coffee break, make sure you come during weekdays. 

Still not sure about other items in the menu but concept of the cafe is contemporary european style which similar to what Ben's implemented. Well, let's see again if I come back for real dine-in experience. Heard the meal course is good but not sure in my opinion. Haha. 

Free Wifi provided for customer and the password as now is 'ilovecoffee'. Hope they won't change it after a while. 

CoffeeSociete @ Solaris Dutamas,
D4-G3-3A, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bangkok 4/10 - 7/10/2012

(Note: after 6 months, I feeling like I need to update for my past traveling trip which haven't posted yet.)

Here is my post about going Bangkok with my best friend D. He is the tour guy for this trip because he has been there for few times.

Airasia moved its flight operation from Suvarnabhumi to Don Muang Airport by Oct 1st 2012. It was not convenient to us anymore because D said there was no MRT station in Don Muang that can take us directly to our hotel in Silom. He was right. Our trip fell on Oct 4th to 7th (4D3N), Thursday to Sunday.

By the time we arrived in Don Muang Airport (DMK) was about 1pm local time. At 1:30pm we already in the queue for taxi. This photo will show you how it looks right after your arrival in Don Muang & looking for taxi. I have to say it is really much systematic than any airport in Malaysia. Big thumb's up!

Long queue but efficiency. See below photo for the reason why I said efficiency.

It just never ends. The queue was fast & in no time you will be on the road heading to your destination.

The journey took about 30-40 minutes to reach I-Residence Hotel Silom (RM 520 via, passed through 2 tolls which cost 105 Baht (only for the tolls. I didn't remember the taxi fare we bought from airport). My impression on Bangkok instantly changed (slightly) during the taxi drive. Not bad and even better than KL I must say (do you think so?). We starting to look for local SIM card for iPhone after we've checked in hotel. It was funny at first we couldn't find any 7-eleven that sells SIM card package for tourist and they don't even speak simple English. I was stunned. I thought Bangkok is the city where most population are actually tourist (exaggerated). So why the local even the staff in 7-eleven don't speak English? After almost 1 hour of hunting for 7-eleven outlet, we finally got our SIM card. Happy Tourist sim is the name of the package which cost 49 Baht. It gave free unlimited Internet access on 3G/EDGE on the first day. Then you have to buy refill/top-up from 7-eleven outlet in case you're out of credit. We didn't do homework on this. So I gonna make sure its smooth to get SIM card for next Bangkok trip. 

Happy Tourist. Luckily it is micro SIM cos we both use iPhone. 

Refill/Top-up coupon from 7-eleven. 4cm x 5cm size. 
I'm not sure how much is this coupon. My brain just can't remember anything. 

It's easy to top-up. Just follow the instruction code from card behind.

We were sweating under the hot sun in the afternoon. Probably because of hunting 7-eleven outlets. We stopped by a small Starbucks cafe just to cool down and enjoying coffee. It was like a relax chat back in KL we used to hanging out in Starbucks Tropicana mall. We didn't have itinerary for visiting tourist spot like Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun), Floating Markets and etc, simply because what we wanted to do was just a relaxing hangout & shopping. 
Sweating all over. Testing coffee & my local SIM card.

After coffee, D brought me to Siam Paragon shopping mall. You can reach there by BTS Siam station. Very similar to Monorail Bukit Bintang station when you get out the bridge linked to the Lot 10 & Sungai Wang mall. But in BTS Siam station, it is Siam Paragon mall. The standard is more like comparable to Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur. It was huge & very spacious. The interior design of food court on the lower ground floor was stunning. Classy lifestyle dining place just for any one. You don't have to be rich just to get here. ;-) 

Siam Paragon mall. Don't be fooled by the exterior but please check out the interior. You'll love it. 

Siam Paragon entrance view. Spacious right? Click the photo for enlarge view. Photo taken with iPhone 4S iOS 6's panorama feature.

Construction opposite Siam Paragon. Photo taken from BTS Siam station.

The stalls line up all the way down to another mall. Bangkok is full of market stalls.

Typical photo taken at Siam Paragon entrance.

H&M just opened in Siam Paragon. It is huge & I love it more than any H&M outlets in Malaysia. 

We went round and round just to check out the shops. I wanted to buy high cut leather shoes all this while so I thought I could buy it in Bangkok because it might be cheaper here but I couldn't find it. I don't think any thing from Siam Paragon mall is cheap though. Hahaha. By the way I bought two slacks from H&M.

Happy Shopping on the 1st day!

Around 6pm we went back to hotel for dinner. Instead of trying the cafe in I-Residence Hotel, we stepped in opposite hotel, Heritage Hotel for dinner. The reason was the opposite cafe looked more classy than the one in I-Residence hotel. Kakaka. It was about to rain in this evening and peak-hour traffic jam after office hour. It looked worse than KL traffic though. 

Spicy pork with rice & Chang beer. We had 4 Chang beers (local), fried rice with prawns & spicy pork with rice, total bill was 740 Baht. 

At night we didn't go anywhere because of the rain and its time to charge our cell phones. It was a boom! We didn't bring our universal adapter! The hotel doesn't have the universal adapter to rent to hotel guest. For Chris sake! After the rain stop, I went out to hunt for universal adapter with hope that 7-eleven might have it. I searched nearby two 7-eleven outlets and they didn't have it! Grrr...! Fortunately we found it in the 3rd nearest 7-eleven (not quite remember was it 7-eleven but I remembered it was bigger & more things in the store) after I came back & told D we had problem! Kekeke. Then we took turn to charge our cell phones. Such a relief. 


Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Bird @ Publika (3rd visit) [Closed]

Last night dinner was in The Bird restaurant at Publika.
The reason is a good friend had time for dinner with us. 
Since my partner got The Bird promotion voucher from Groupon, we thought this would be a great opportunity to use it and we did.
With more people on the table, we could have more variety from the offer menu.
The food was good as always, as well as dining with friend.

Fu Yong Egg (Regular) RM 11.90

 Fish Head Curry (Large) RM 75.90
We requested for it to be moderate spicy. Two fish heads were finished by our friend, Stanley. The rest of fresh done by us. We love it.

Prawn Curry Nyonya (Regular) RM 29.90
It was about 6 prawns and the curry gravy was yummy. 

This is more than enough for 3 person. Yummy.

Great dinner with great friend. 
It's awesome!
See you again Stanley and the Bird...;)

Click here to check out my first visit to The Bird @ Publika

P/S: The Bird Restaurant in Publika is closed. Update by Dec 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

LazyBun's Chinese New Year 2013

It's been so fast, Chinese New Year 2013 celebration is gone.
Thank God we had no drama this year. I mean, my brother is married now & doesn't make a mess this year. My parents would be so relief and happy that they could enjoy this no-drama moment this year, at last.
I was in peace too, for the first time in a long time.

It seems everything goes well, but other people around me including myself, things just going not well.
For example, I'm sick, just before the week starting to work. So I am taking Medical Leave now for a week. It is true that doctor said measles need a long time to recover. I'm still not feeling well, in the same time I am worry about my work KPI. It is so stress and busy ever since our company implementing KPI, everybody wants well-perform to get higher KPI. Higher KPI means higher incentive. Anyway, taking a long leave to rest at home is pretty boring too. So I take this time to update my blog.

Let the photo tell stories :)

(9-2-2013 Saturday Morning) Always traffic jam in this particular corner during peak season/holiday like CNY, Hari Raya or simply Public Holiday. 

(9-2-2013) This is a 'kampung' path to my 'kampung'. No phone signal here, so its better be careful driving at night on this road because you might get robbed (even if you're driving a car)

(9-2-2013) Opposite traffic junction of Pasir Penambang. Beautifully standing tall. This is we call 'Kampong'.

(9-2-2013 Noon) In time for lunch with family. We call it, the reunion meal, where every single family member will be there and enjoy the meal. My mom cooks them, as delicious as always. 

My 1st time ever, pink pant! Well, my youngest brother gave it a bang, bloody red! 

(9-2-2013 Late Night) Once a year, CNY celebration. Praying is part of CNY. We thank God for everything, that our family is safe and sound, that everyone of us stays healthy; and not to forget to pray for better new year. 

(9-2-2013 Late Night) Something different in this year. I guess it just make sense. What a year we had been through. Brother got married and expecting a son coming in March 2013, I mean this is good enough reason to celebrate with this small firework! It's not as awesome as neighbours but its a start. :-)

(9-2-2013 Late Night) It seems more 'money' this year to be burned. 

(9-2-2013) Well, this year since we have new members in our family, I have to get a hotel room for overnight. Actually I could have stay in Grandma's house because there are plenty of rooms there but I feeling like I want a hotel room since we have Sun Inns Hotel in Kuala Selangor which I stayed few times before. :) So, 3 nights in the hotel. 

(10-2-2013 Morning) After Bak Kut Teh in the town mom brought me to our family little farm that dad is busying on nowadays due to jobless. I was impressed by dad's hard work. That's banana tree on the right and passion fruit on the left. That's my little sister in the photo. 

Passion fruit on the making. Still green mah...

Passion fruit on the fry pan. Very good for our body. I told my dad I want this after I tried one, so he went to his brother's little farm and stole around 10 for me. Gosh! I hope uncle wont be pissing on me. The reason is passion fruit from dad's farm are still baby. Take a look at above photo, red or pink color on the outside means it is ripe, then you eat.

(10-2-2013 Evening) This restaurant is lousy. We had no choice but to come here for dinner. Other place is either closed for CNY or full house. We waited for 1 hour for the food to come yet it tasted terrible when it came. The quality control is out of the way when it comes to festival season like CNY. Mom said something about the steam fish here is good however I will not come back to this restaurant anymore. 

(11-2-2013) Brought my 3rd aunt, the teacher; my cousin, sis and mum to Paradigm mall in Petaling Jaya, all the way from Tanjong Karang. L.O.L. Driving is tiring but once a year, remember that!

(11-2-2013) CNY display in Paradigm Mall.

(11-2-2013) We shoot this while 3rd aunt & mum were busy in the washroom. The movie we watched was 'The Wedding Diary 2' by A Niu (阿牛). It is actually quite funny because part of the movie speaks in Hokkien and we are Hokkien.

(11-2-2013) We have 'kampung' style. Speechless. Without helmet.

(12-2-2013) I was back in KL and met up my best friend Derek for movie, lunch & dinner.

(13-2-2013) Hanging out with my good friend Kim in One Utama on this particular day. 

(13-2-2013) Had dinner with Kim in Petite Millie @ One Utama. I will update you about this restaurant in next post. I had a wonderful meal there. 

(14-2-2013) Went to Sunway Pyramid for lunch with another good friend. And my partner back in town in the evening. As always, the happy feeling of seeing love one after a long break. 

(15-2-2013) This day was Friday and unfortunately I didn't take any leave this CNY, so I gotta work this Friday. Funny huh, a long holiday and then work for 1 day and weekend again. 

(16-2-2013) Went to Celestial Court for dim sum with my parents, sis & cousin and 3rd aunt. There was lion dance in the hotel and in the restaurant as well. Happy show. 

Below video shows the Chinese lion getting Ang Pao from generous people like my dad and 3rd aunt. LOL. 

(16-2-2013) After dim sum, we went to visit aunty & uncle. See the photo? 17th night they gonna burn it on the road. Bai Tee Kong, is the biggest event in celebration of CNY. Continue reading...

(17-2-2013) The road was full of vehicles & hard to move, in this residential area. I saw police and all kind of people. It was about few hundreds people there I believe. Mostly were uncle's customers & staff. Bravo! I hope this year is gonna be another great year for uncle's business. Huat ar!

This video was taken by me during the night. I was there just to collect my ang pao from my mom. kekeke. Enjoy the video.

End story.
It seems everything worked out well, except I got measles and MC for 1 week, as I told in the beginning.
Its a bless. I am in the middle of recovery.
I believe I can go to work start next week (last week of February).
God's bless.
I hope you enjoy this festival holiday like everybody else does.
Happy Chinese New Year 2013.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lou Sang (Prosperity Toss) @ Pu Tien One Utama

After New Year, now it comes Chinese New Year in Lunar Calendar. 
I bet everyone is hoping or worrying about bonus they are getting, or maybe none. Kakaka.
People are hoping for higher bonus so that they can buy some new clothes for this coming festival. Some people will save the money for raining day or big plan like getting their own property. 
Personally my bonus was gone the 1st day it released. The reason is I used up the bonus in this Chinese New Year holiday. 
Not to buy a lot of clothes (Instead, I bought only 1 pink-red pant & colorful shirt for CNY 1st day), 
but to give out, in terms of 'Ang Pao' (red packet).

Derek, the high-sense fashion guy.

Anyway, I hope you make use of the money you have. Let me talk about the 1st Lou Sang with my two close friends. 
I saw friend from Facebook posted a photo of a group of close friend doing Lou Sang together. Then it came to my mind, why not I start my little Lou Sang with my little gang? Hahaha.
So 3 of us met in One Utama on Tuesday 5th February, Pu Tien was the restaurant. 
Once a while 3 of us will plan to gather around and have talk. 
This is the best time to hang out before CNY, much more meaningful reason though.

Before we start ordering, we had Lou Sang first with waitress' help.
I just know Lou (Toss), I don't know all the prosperity words that need to be said when preparing it. 
It was interesting (not really know it during my company's Annual Dinner Lou Sang).
Then we made our dishes order. 

We took like 5-6 pics and this one is the best. LOL.

Pu Tien restaurant is serving Heng Hwa cuisine. I came here twice with my partner & first time for my two BFF. 
We all have different taste on food but there was one dish we all loved it was Drunken Cockles.

Drunken Cockles RM 9.90
Comment: It is pretty small portion. Should know it by judging the price. :) But it tasted good & fresh. Lots of garlic and sweet sauce make perfect combination. 

Squirrel Fish RM 69.90
Comment: Love it since the 1st day I tasted it. I recommended this fish to my BFF.

Pork Ribs RM 19.90 Small
Comment: I always like pork rib with sweet sauce & pineapple. But they didn't like it. LOL. This time this dish is lower than standard I must say. 

1/2 Chicken with garlic RM 18.90 
Comment: The meat was too dry. Not recommended. 

Spinach RM 16.90 Small
Comment: Okay only. It doesn't give me a wow factor. Just a normal vege dish. 

Two of them were stomach full half way eating all of this. They had too much Lou Sang before the main dish. But eventually we finished all, slowly.

I wanted to do this Lou Sang, main reason is to have a sweet memory for maybe 10 years later. Time flies. Ten years is like 10 days only. When we get older, some of the memory will be removed from our brain storage. Blogging & photography make memory last forever. (Unless Blogger website shut down. LOL)
At last, I wish everyone have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the precious moment with family members. 
May snake year brings you prosperity & fortune. The most important is take good care of health & everything else will come right after.

Gong Xi Fa Cai