Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Bird restaurant @ Publika [Closed]

I've been to The Bird restaurant in Kota Damansara once and I didn't like it (maybe wrong timing). Then my partner saw the review article about The Bird restaurant in newspaper (that our Malaysia Agong went to order take away Curry Fish Head). Later on, today we saw the Bird restaurant when we stopping by the traffic light in Jalan Dutamas 1 before turning right into Publika.

Yes. Eventually we have a new place to eat and today is special day, my partner's birthday. We went in from the back door because we were coming from inside Publika. We were welcomed by friendly waitresses. Immediately we met James Lim, the manager of Publika branch, a friendly and handsome guy too ;-) He was shooting the menu food photo with a friend. 

After ordering the popular dish Curry Fish Head and Choi Po ToFu, Foursquare check in & photo session has began. It is a very good ambient restaurant with around 15 tables (inside & outside). Maybe it is still new and not many people heard of it yet, there was only our table during the lunch hour. But I strongly believe it is going to get the crowds soon, as they already have main restaurant in Kepong Menjalara & 1st branch in Kota Damansara. Publika is such a happening place right now.

Here's our orders came:

Curry Fish Head (Regular Size), RM 49.90 
Excellent gravy with sweet and spicy. The fish head with body came a lot of fresh meat. Usually we have curry and it is hot but this one was just fine. Quickly you can taste it without afraid of burning your tongue. Haha. 

Choi Po ToFu, RM 13.90
Japanese tofu with Choi Po. I love Choi Po, so this is good enough to me.

See how big bowl it is? Hahaha

Later after the meal, we were served with Ais Kacang and Kuih Muih (both in Malay lang). It was complimentary to my partner because his birthday. Lucky him.

Ais Kacang was so sweet and a lot of ingredients like nuts, cincau jelly and cendol. Usually what we get from other restaurant / mamak / cafe is not as good as this one. I believe this is just for my partner. Why don't you reader, goes to eat and order Ais Kacang. Come back & tell me is it as what I described? Haha

According to James, Publika branch was opened on December 10th 2012. Hopefully the crowds will find the place soon. In the end of lunch, we received 20% discount voucher from James. It was voucher for Kota Damansara branch which expired on October 31st 2012, but recycle the voucher for Publika branch. Bravo for next visiting but the question is when will be the validity ends? Thanks anyway ;-) Definitely will come back again. (Now, the reason why I didn't like it during dining in Kota Damansara branch was because too noisy. But today's lunch was so quiet and I just loving it. Hahaha. Bad habit!)

Here's the information you might find it helpful:

The Bird - Publika 
Publika Shopping Centre a3-g1-03
No.1, Jalan Dutamas, Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-62054688

Facebook :

P/S: The Bird restaurant in Publika is closed. Updated by Dec 2013.