Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lou Sang (Prosperity Toss) @ Pu Tien One Utama

After New Year, now it comes Chinese New Year in Lunar Calendar. 
I bet everyone is hoping or worrying about bonus they are getting, or maybe none. Kakaka.
People are hoping for higher bonus so that they can buy some new clothes for this coming festival. Some people will save the money for raining day or big plan like getting their own property. 
Personally my bonus was gone the 1st day it released. The reason is I used up the bonus in this Chinese New Year holiday. 
Not to buy a lot of clothes (Instead, I bought only 1 pink-red pant & colorful shirt for CNY 1st day), 
but to give out, in terms of 'Ang Pao' (red packet).

Derek, the high-sense fashion guy.

Anyway, I hope you make use of the money you have. Let me talk about the 1st Lou Sang with my two close friends. 
I saw friend from Facebook posted a photo of a group of close friend doing Lou Sang together. Then it came to my mind, why not I start my little Lou Sang with my little gang? Hahaha.
So 3 of us met in One Utama on Tuesday 5th February, Pu Tien was the restaurant. 
Once a while 3 of us will plan to gather around and have talk. 
This is the best time to hang out before CNY, much more meaningful reason though.

Before we start ordering, we had Lou Sang first with waitress' help.
I just know Lou (Toss), I don't know all the prosperity words that need to be said when preparing it. 
It was interesting (not really know it during my company's Annual Dinner Lou Sang).
Then we made our dishes order. 

We took like 5-6 pics and this one is the best. LOL.

Pu Tien restaurant is serving Heng Hwa cuisine. I came here twice with my partner & first time for my two BFF. 
We all have different taste on food but there was one dish we all loved it was Drunken Cockles.

Drunken Cockles RM 9.90
Comment: It is pretty small portion. Should know it by judging the price. :) But it tasted good & fresh. Lots of garlic and sweet sauce make perfect combination. 

Squirrel Fish RM 69.90
Comment: Love it since the 1st day I tasted it. I recommended this fish to my BFF.

Pork Ribs RM 19.90 Small
Comment: I always like pork rib with sweet sauce & pineapple. But they didn't like it. LOL. This time this dish is lower than standard I must say. 

1/2 Chicken with garlic RM 18.90 
Comment: The meat was too dry. Not recommended. 

Spinach RM 16.90 Small
Comment: Okay only. It doesn't give me a wow factor. Just a normal vege dish. 

Two of them were stomach full half way eating all of this. They had too much Lou Sang before the main dish. But eventually we finished all, slowly.

I wanted to do this Lou Sang, main reason is to have a sweet memory for maybe 10 years later. Time flies. Ten years is like 10 days only. When we get older, some of the memory will be removed from our brain storage. Blogging & photography make memory last forever. (Unless Blogger website shut down. LOL)
At last, I wish everyone have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the precious moment with family members. 
May snake year brings you prosperity & fortune. The most important is take good care of health & everything else will come right after.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

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