Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Bird @ Publika (3rd visit) [Closed]

Last night dinner was in The Bird restaurant at Publika.
The reason is a good friend had time for dinner with us. 
Since my partner got The Bird promotion voucher from Groupon, we thought this would be a great opportunity to use it and we did.
With more people on the table, we could have more variety from the offer menu.
The food was good as always, as well as dining with friend.

Fu Yong Egg (Regular) RM 11.90

 Fish Head Curry (Large) RM 75.90
We requested for it to be moderate spicy. Two fish heads were finished by our friend, Stanley. The rest of fresh done by us. We love it.

Prawn Curry Nyonya (Regular) RM 29.90
It was about 6 prawns and the curry gravy was yummy. 

This is more than enough for 3 person. Yummy.

Great dinner with great friend. 
It's awesome!
See you again Stanley and the Bird...;)

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P/S: The Bird Restaurant in Publika is closed. Update by Dec 2013

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