Sunday, December 1, 2013

Old Seremban Station Kopitiam @ Publika (Solaris Dutamas)

Due to KL Hilton Chynna restaurant is fully booked for Dim Sum lunch, we went to Publika for lunch with Dr.Anthony and his friend. Edo Ichi Japanese restaurant is still the best Japanese Restaurant in Solaris Dutamas in my opinion. We ordered few dishes and shared. After lunch, we walked around the shop lots the same row as Coffee Societe & Coffee Stain by Joseph, from one end to another end. This time we realised there are so many new F&B outlets open, for example Senya Japanese restaurant, few pubs exists opposite the children playground, Old Seremban Station Kopitiam, and even a massage centre called 'touchlab'.

Thanks to Dr.Anthony who did a research walking around and see what's new in Publika. I myself actually lazy to walk and lazy to bother anything. That's me. Then later after a cup of latte break in B'wiched, I headed to TouchLab for acupressure session 60 minutes that costs RM 88+, I didn't take any photos but it actually located at end corner shoplot opposite Marmalade. I shall go there again for variety of massage session. 

After split with Dr.Anthony & his friend and my massage session, time for meal again. We chose Old Seremban Station Kopitiam, located opposite the playground garden. A very typical kopitiam look & feel, doesn't have many customers. We sat down and start ordering. We forgot to check Foursquare comments before we went in. As expected, not a single good review for this kopitiam. Nevermind, since we have already order. 

Old Seremban Station Kopitiam
RM 9.50 Mamak Mee Goreng
Comment : Normal and not spicy at all. Beancurd skin is such turn off for me. 

Old Seremban Station Kopitiam
RM x.xx (I forgot the price) Deep fried wan tan
Comment : Normal only. The sauce is slightly tasteless.

Old Seremban Station Kopitiam
RM 7.50 (roughly) Vegetable fishball soup
Comment : Put more pepper so that it tastes good. LOL. 

Old Seremban Station Kopitiam
RM x.xx (didn't remember at all, I just simply order) Curry Puff
Comment : Very stuffy, I like it actually.

Old Seremban Station Kopitiam

If you ask me whether I will go back again there, I will, once a while. To me, it is just a kopitiam which slightly better than Old Town White Coffee (I banned Old Town White Coffee though). I don't see any selling point from Old Seremban Station Kopitiam. 

That's my Sunday in Publika. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Be grateful of what we have now and thankful for a better tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...Enjoy this festive & last month of 2013!