Sunday, December 28, 2014

Look Up by Gary Turk

I watched this video the moment it hits to the Internet. Some people like & agree with it, some just think the video is just another form of getting famous & get more hit. Well you judge it.

Personally, I like the idea of both, whether he makes the video for ads profit or trying to tell the world don't get addicted to Internet too much. I mean common sense, do not abuse the power of technology & live a better life. I'm not saying do not use your mobile phone or Internet, but rather use it wisely &  when necessary. We still have a normal life to live other than Internet the fancy world. Let me share it here :

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Foodlogy Restaurant @ Viva Residency Jln Ipoh

It is always troublesome to find place to eat when it comes to a raining day. Why? The reason is need to find a shelter where you do not need to use umbrella or get yourself wet on a raining day. 
So it comes to 2 places where we can choose from. Publika or Viva Residency. One common is that both have plenty of car park space within the building. No need umbrella and get wet. 

Publika is always my first choice whenever a raining day, but because of failing to continue Publikans mobile app which I totally given up (ya, call me a coward) due to legitimacy issue that I've decided not to go Publika so frequently. I still love Publika though, but there was no more excitement that could driven me to go there. Anyway, so now my choice left only Viva Residency, which is much nearer to where I stay.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Coffee & Art Fringe Festival Asia 2014 in Publika (26-28/09)

I knew about this event happening in Publika this weekend, despite afraid of car park full but I still go there for my usual routine & have meal and drink as well as massage in Touchlab.

Quite a few familiar brands/cafe like Coffee Societe, Coffee Stain, The Redbean Bag, Coffee.nowhere, Dolce Gusto & etc. I'm not really a coffee geek but I'm a coffee drinker. If you ask me which cafe to go in Publika for coffee, I would tell you my recommendation but of course coffee taste is very individual flavor. So I'm not sure whether the one I always go is suitable for you. Hehehe.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Highlight RPGT 2014 in Malaysia

This is an article I copied from

The purpose is to remind myself on this RPGT. 

RPGT is a tax imposed on gains from disposal of all types of properties such as residential and commercial buildings, land and shares of real property companies. RPGT is imposed on the net gains from disposal of property after deducting the following costs:-

  1. Acquisition price
  2. Stamp duty
  3. Legal fees
  4. Renovation costs
  5. Commission for sales and administrative payments

For Malaysian citizens and permanent residents, RPGT is exempted for the disposal of one residential property once in their lifetime.
Further, RPGT is also not imposed on gains from disposal of property between:-
  1. Husband and wife
  2. Parents and children
  3. Grandparents and grandchildren
The current RPGT rates vary from 0% to 30%, depending on the holding period. The holding period refers to the period between the acquisition date and the disposal date of the property.
To further curb speculative activities, the RPGT rates on disposal of properties and shares in real property companies effective 1 January 2014 shall be as follows:-

Saturday, July 19, 2014

LA CASA @ Publika

P/S: I was trying with video food blogging. LOL. Hope you enjoy it.

coffee2go @ Publika

Recently seldom go to EAT Village in Publika, so didn't realise that the small shop lot next to it finally open its business. It was about 3 weeks ago from today if not mistaken. coffee2go is the name.

Last weekend after we had dinner at Zuò and came across this little shop lot which used to be a Japanese store selling take-away yakitori but now it is coffee2go. coffee2go is a small cafe selling coffee, dessert & light sandwich for eat in and take away. For eat in, they have only 2-3 small Simple as that. I love the idea of small cafe like this. 

Simple menu of beverage:

Friday, June 6, 2014

Restaurant Choon Yien (Chicken Rice)

I've been working in Phileo Damansara for the past 3 years and to be completely honest to you, I hardly drive out to seksyen 17 to eat during lunch hour. This is simply lazy to drive out & sweltering heat during noon. But lately I've been hanging out with colleagues & they always drive out for lunch. Since its free ride and I'm not in formal wear, so it is okay to sweat then.

Alan suggested chicken rice in Happy Mansion for lunch. It is the same area as MyElephant Thai cafe & Food Foundry. The restaurant has only two stalls: Mee stall and Chicken Rice stall. Most people go there for chicken rice & char siew (roast pork).

So we ordered 1/4 of chicken & share. Roast pork was finished even before we got there. Bet must be very good then?!? Anyway, let me talk little bit about this chicken rice. 

Before it was served I told Alan that it won't be as good as the one from River Garden in Jalan Ipoh. I mean River Garden's chicken rice is decent taste & the place is air-con covered. But then I was wrong. Despite I had to queue for table & the sun showing no mercy to heat me up til I can't open my small eyes (can you imagine already small eyes I have, what would it become with that hot & sunny weather). The roasted chicken was indeed good. I mean better than River Garden's. The chicken meat was so tender that it could almost melt immediately in my mouth. Kekeke. Well, I'm a bit exaggerating. LOL. 

The chicken portion (pic) was 1/4 of whole chicken, cost RM 15 & RM 1 for rice. Does it reasonable or expensive, it is up to you as a eater to judge. For me personally, for that price I can enjoy better in an ambient  restaurant like River Garden in Jalan Ipoh. Well, this Restaurant Choon Yien is nearby though, so what can I say. 

I've checked foursquare review about the chicken rice, and it turned out most people complained about the chicken rice's boss attitude. Luckily there is a nice lady to help him out for order. She was so busy and spared little time to tell me the price for chicken & rice when I asked her. She said "terima kasih" (thank you) at the end. Lovely and that makes me wanna go back for another round next time. 

1. If wanna eat their rosted pork (char siew), please go early like 12pm. 
2. Can call for reservation too, but not sure they would book the table for you or not. Probably just reserve for roasted pork. Hahaha. Here is the mobile no : 0129116511
3. Wear sunglasses if you going there during lunch & hot sun. LOL.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Traveling Bali with Olloclip Fisheye lens (2nd time to Bali)

I will post about my 5 days itinerary in Bali later. For now, I hope you enjoy my video taken with iPhone 5S and Olloclip fisheye lens.

Bonus: Sunset in Bali

If you prefer to watch it in Youtube page, here is the link:

Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, the King of the House!

Despite it was a heavy rain afternoon, we've managed to get the celebration done in Marmalade Publika. Well, maybe it was just a family hangout session in outside rather than bunch of people squeezing in the small living hall of Saffron condo.

My nephew, Z.C. is 1 year old by now (27/4). He is so adorable, my friend in Instagram once commented 'major cuteness overload' on my nephew's photo. Some even said he looked just like his uncle, me. Hahaha. I'm flattered, though. Well, the money is well spent on my family in that afternoon but I'm glad for what I did for my family. We might short of money but we never be stingy for our own family.

Cut to the chase, here's the video of photos & videos embedded together. It was just a simple editing cos all I can use is with my iPhone's app (Splice) to make the job done quickily. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Typical Malaysian Act (roadside parking)

Today I went to hospital for check up & I took KTM from K.L. Central back to Sentul. In case you don't know about newly revamp KTM Sentul station (well its since 2-3 years ago), YTL has done a great job on this station and of course there are other few KTM stations (those stations after Sentul station).

KTM Sentul station

Well, what happened was, I was little bit upset of seeing cars parking on the roadside, I mean it was not even on the roadside. I understand it has huge lane, coming from Jalan Ipoh traffic light turning to Jalan Perhentian. I know it is not my own business and I know typically Malaysian loves to park their vehicle on the roadside & double park. But can we be more considerate? I love Sentul area especially now it is under YTL's development which make it a better place for living, which is why I felt upset seeing that happens to this Sentul area. 

No parking & no waiting sign. Yet, people are ignorants.

My argument here is, there is a open space car park right next to Sentul station which now doesn't even collect parking fee. It is free of charge & proper parking lot. People should park their vehicle in the parking lot. And still, they choose to park on the roadside, even nearer to the station which makes them walk lesser steps. They thought their action is sensible because no blocking anyone. Well, law is law, if everyone of us think that way, we are not being considerate and obey the Law of Malaysia. 

There is proper car parking lot, but they chose to park on the roadside.

You may have excuses to tell, but your action is against the law, secondly you take things for granted. Malaysia has all the rules & laws, but two sad typical thing to say about Malaysia is that, lazy & no enforcement. Where are the traffic polices? Why no one bother to report it? No enforcement from local authority, then Malaysian starts to take it for granted by breaking the law and they can run away with it (cheh, boleh lah). You always do it and you know it. You know what, later I will find out the DBKL number, I will call them for complaint.

We as Malaysian, we have to change our mentality, starting from youth, by educating our children. We do it the right way, for a better Malaysia, a better future for our generation to come. Let us do something for Malaysia.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Flappy Bird Versus Snappy Bird

It has been a quarter of year I stopped writing post here. But to kick off the year of 2014 (HELLO! Now is already April you LAZY-ASS!), I'm just gonna talk about Flappy Bird first.

In the end of January 2014, Flappy Bird app become the most downloadable free game in the iOS App Store. It became a sensational game that almost everyone will download & play it. Well if you are not one of them, then it's your loss. L.O.L.

I was so addictive to the game when I first heard about it from my colleague after Chinese New Year. Then we would kept playing the game during working hours & trying to beat each other's score. Honestly, the game wasn't as hard as what people described out there. What do you need is practise and observe the pillar coming next & try not to hit it. However I must say, it took a lot of patience out from me to play this game. My highest score is 94 and after flappy bird took down from iOS App Store I don't pay more attention to the game. Not anymore. It was like just one time popular game. 

Stuck in score 94.

Well, recently early of April there is a similar game called Snappy Bird, I have downloaded it and play. Same strategy, you just have to tap the screen and guide the little bird pass through the pillars. I am not sure whether these two apps are belongs to the same developer Dong Nguyen but Snappy Bird app is released by Animated Emoji 2-3 weeks after the announcement from Dong Nguyen that he might bringing back Flappy Bird to App Store. Here's his tweet:

Since Flappy Bird name is taken right after he removed the origin app from App Store, therefore there is no way for Dong Nguyen to use back the same game name. Could it be Dong Nguyen sell the app & modify it into Snappy Bird? Well, it is just purely my nonsense guessing. Let me do a compare between Flappy Bird & Snappy Bird in wide image of the game screen shots.

Flappy Bird by Dong Nguyen:

Snappy Bird by Animated Emoji:

There are not much different except 3 things. First, is the graphic become smoother in Snappy Bird app, second will be the bird easily hit the pillar in Snappy Bird comparing to Flappy Bird. Lastly, by looking at the image above, one extra screen in Snappy Bird after 'Game Over' screen is the advertisement page where user has to click on the 'X' button to exit the advertisement page before 'Get Ready!' again to play. What a way to earn extra money from the app (pretty common in any APP). 

I don't wanna put the Snappy Bird game app links here, so you have to go and search for it in your App Store/Play Store. If you want to know more about the story of Flappy Bird & Dong Nguyen, well you can google it as well. I'm not advertising for anyone here. L.O.L.