Saturday, April 5, 2014

Flappy Bird Versus Snappy Bird

It has been a quarter of year I stopped writing post here. But to kick off the year of 2014 (HELLO! Now is already April you LAZY-ASS!), I'm just gonna talk about Flappy Bird first.

In the end of January 2014, Flappy Bird app become the most downloadable free game in the iOS App Store. It became a sensational game that almost everyone will download & play it. Well if you are not one of them, then it's your loss. L.O.L.

I was so addictive to the game when I first heard about it from my colleague after Chinese New Year. Then we would kept playing the game during working hours & trying to beat each other's score. Honestly, the game wasn't as hard as what people described out there. What do you need is practise and observe the pillar coming next & try not to hit it. However I must say, it took a lot of patience out from me to play this game. My highest score is 94 and after flappy bird took down from iOS App Store I don't pay more attention to the game. Not anymore. It was like just one time popular game. 

Stuck in score 94.

Well, recently early of April there is a similar game called Snappy Bird, I have downloaded it and play. Same strategy, you just have to tap the screen and guide the little bird pass through the pillars. I am not sure whether these two apps are belongs to the same developer Dong Nguyen but Snappy Bird app is released by Animated Emoji 2-3 weeks after the announcement from Dong Nguyen that he might bringing back Flappy Bird to App Store. Here's his tweet:

Since Flappy Bird name is taken right after he removed the origin app from App Store, therefore there is no way for Dong Nguyen to use back the same game name. Could it be Dong Nguyen sell the app & modify it into Snappy Bird? Well, it is just purely my nonsense guessing. Let me do a compare between Flappy Bird & Snappy Bird in wide image of the game screen shots.

Flappy Bird by Dong Nguyen:

Snappy Bird by Animated Emoji:

There are not much different except 3 things. First, is the graphic become smoother in Snappy Bird app, second will be the bird easily hit the pillar in Snappy Bird comparing to Flappy Bird. Lastly, by looking at the image above, one extra screen in Snappy Bird after 'Game Over' screen is the advertisement page where user has to click on the 'X' button to exit the advertisement page before 'Get Ready!' again to play. What a way to earn extra money from the app (pretty common in any APP). 

I don't wanna put the Snappy Bird game app links here, so you have to go and search for it in your App Store/Play Store. If you want to know more about the story of Flappy Bird & Dong Nguyen, well you can google it as well. I'm not advertising for anyone here. L.O.L.


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