Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, the King of the House!

Despite it was a heavy rain afternoon, we've managed to get the celebration done in Marmalade Publika. Well, maybe it was just a family hangout session in outside rather than bunch of people squeezing in the small living hall of Saffron condo.

My nephew, Z.C. is 1 year old by now (27/4). He is so adorable, my friend in Instagram once commented 'major cuteness overload' on my nephew's photo. Some even said he looked just like his uncle, me. Hahaha. I'm flattered, though. Well, the money is well spent on my family in that afternoon but I'm glad for what I did for my family. We might short of money but we never be stingy for our own family.

Cut to the chase, here's the video of photos & videos embedded together. It was just a simple editing cos all I can use is with my iPhone's app (Splice) to make the job done quickily. Enjoy!

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