Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Typical Malaysian Act (roadside parking)

Today I went to hospital for check up & I took KTM from K.L. Central back to Sentul. In case you don't know about newly revamp KTM Sentul station (well its since 2-3 years ago), YTL has done a great job on this station and of course there are other few KTM stations (those stations after Sentul station).

KTM Sentul station

Well, what happened was, I was little bit upset of seeing cars parking on the roadside, I mean it was not even on the roadside. I understand it has huge lane, coming from Jalan Ipoh traffic light turning to Jalan Perhentian. I know it is not my own business and I know typically Malaysian loves to park their vehicle on the roadside & double park. But can we be more considerate? I love Sentul area especially now it is under YTL's development which make it a better place for living, which is why I felt upset seeing that happens to this Sentul area. 

No parking & no waiting sign. Yet, people are ignorants.

My argument here is, there is a open space car park right next to Sentul station which now doesn't even collect parking fee. It is free of charge & proper parking lot. People should park their vehicle in the parking lot. And still, they choose to park on the roadside, even nearer to the station which makes them walk lesser steps. They thought their action is sensible because no blocking anyone. Well, law is law, if everyone of us think that way, we are not being considerate and obey the Law of Malaysia. 

There is proper car parking lot, but they chose to park on the roadside.

You may have excuses to tell, but your action is against the law, secondly you take things for granted. Malaysia has all the rules & laws, but two sad typical thing to say about Malaysia is that, lazy & no enforcement. Where are the traffic polices? Why no one bother to report it? No enforcement from local authority, then Malaysian starts to take it for granted by breaking the law and they can run away with it (cheh, boleh lah). You always do it and you know it. You know what, later I will find out the DBKL number, I will call them for complaint.

We as Malaysian, we have to change our mentality, starting from youth, by educating our children. We do it the right way, for a better Malaysia, a better future for our generation to come. Let us do something for Malaysia.

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