Friday, June 6, 2014

Restaurant Choon Yien (Chicken Rice)

I've been working in Phileo Damansara for the past 3 years and to be completely honest to you, I hardly drive out to seksyen 17 to eat during lunch hour. This is simply lazy to drive out & sweltering heat during noon. But lately I've been hanging out with colleagues & they always drive out for lunch. Since its free ride and I'm not in formal wear, so it is okay to sweat then.

Alan suggested chicken rice in Happy Mansion for lunch. It is the same area as MyElephant Thai cafe & Food Foundry. The restaurant has only two stalls: Mee stall and Chicken Rice stall. Most people go there for chicken rice & char siew (roast pork).

So we ordered 1/4 of chicken & share. Roast pork was finished even before we got there. Bet must be very good then?!? Anyway, let me talk little bit about this chicken rice. 

Before it was served I told Alan that it won't be as good as the one from River Garden in Jalan Ipoh. I mean River Garden's chicken rice is decent taste & the place is air-con covered. But then I was wrong. Despite I had to queue for table & the sun showing no mercy to heat me up til I can't open my small eyes (can you imagine already small eyes I have, what would it become with that hot & sunny weather). The roasted chicken was indeed good. I mean better than River Garden's. The chicken meat was so tender that it could almost melt immediately in my mouth. Kekeke. Well, I'm a bit exaggerating. LOL. 

The chicken portion (pic) was 1/4 of whole chicken, cost RM 15 & RM 1 for rice. Does it reasonable or expensive, it is up to you as a eater to judge. For me personally, for that price I can enjoy better in an ambient  restaurant like River Garden in Jalan Ipoh. Well, this Restaurant Choon Yien is nearby though, so what can I say. 

I've checked foursquare review about the chicken rice, and it turned out most people complained about the chicken rice's boss attitude. Luckily there is a nice lady to help him out for order. She was so busy and spared little time to tell me the price for chicken & rice when I asked her. She said "terima kasih" (thank you) at the end. Lovely and that makes me wanna go back for another round next time. 

1. If wanna eat their rosted pork (char siew), please go early like 12pm. 
2. Can call for reservation too, but not sure they would book the table for you or not. Probably just reserve for roasted pork. Hahaha. Here is the mobile no : 0129116511
3. Wear sunglasses if you going there during lunch & hot sun. LOL.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Traveling Bali with Olloclip Fisheye lens (2nd time to Bali)

I will post about my 5 days itinerary in Bali later. For now, I hope you enjoy my video taken with iPhone 5S and Olloclip fisheye lens.

Bonus: Sunset in Bali

If you prefer to watch it in Youtube page, here is the link: