Saturday, July 19, 2014

coffee2go @ Publika

Recently seldom go to EAT Village in Publika, so didn't realise that the small shop lot next to it finally open its business. It was about 3 weeks ago from today if not mistaken. coffee2go is the name.

Last weekend after we had dinner at Zuò and came across this little shop lot which used to be a Japanese store selling take-away yakitori but now it is coffee2go. coffee2go is a small cafe selling coffee, dessert & light sandwich for eat in and take away. For eat in, they have only 2-3 small Simple as that. I love the idea of small cafe like this. 

Simple menu of beverage:

The cheapest coffee you can find in Publika. RM 5 for a paper cup of coffee. That's awesome! I mean the cup is same size as Sprezzatura Coffee @ Phileo Damansara 1(where I work) but Sprezzatura is selling at around RM 11 if I'm not wrong. Of course I understand that awarded barista's coffee might charge higher price. Whatever, for me if I like the coffee, I don't care about who's the barista or whether he/she is awarded. Awarded barista's coffee doesn't mean is good for all. Taste is individual. 

Dessert is also good. So far I've tried the one named Banana Caramel Pecan which cost me only RM 8. It reminds me of the banana cake that my mother used to buy from market when I was a little kid. Love it, personally. 

Banana Caramel Pecan RM 8.00 

Apple Cranberry Cream Cheese RM 8.00

coffee2go (next to EAT Village)
lot 51, UG 51, Block C4
Publika Shopping Gallery

IN : @c2gpublika
FB :

Phew! Now we have another hanging out place in Publika. There are so many coffee cafe in Publika. First was Dr.Cafe, I used to hangout there almost every weekend. Then Bewiched's (inside BIG), The Red Bean bag, Coffee Stain by Joseph, Coffee Société, Fahrenheit 600', La Casa and now coffee2go. Most lengzai-lenglui will go to Coffee Stain and Coffee Société because of the powerful marketing via social media. It just too crowded for me and the quality fade away with it. For self-indulgence, I prefer a quiet cafe where music is playing & the tik-tok noise of making coffee by barista. Haha. Ignore me, please go and try all :) 

Enjoy & have a good time in Publika!

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