Saturday, September 27, 2014

Coffee & Art Fringe Festival Asia 2014 in Publika (26-28/09)

I knew about this event happening in Publika this weekend, despite afraid of car park full but I still go there for my usual routine & have meal and drink as well as massage in Touchlab.

Quite a few familiar brands/cafe like Coffee Societe, Coffee Stain, The Redbean Bag, Coffee.nowhere, Dolce Gusto & etc. I'm not really a coffee geek but I'm a coffee drinker. If you ask me which cafe to go in Publika for coffee, I would tell you my recommendation but of course coffee taste is very individual flavor. So I'm not sure whether the one I always go is suitable for you. Hehehe.

Anyway, I didn't see Three Little Birds having a cubicle there, but spotted Joey Mah (you can see him always in Three Little Birds anyway). He was tasting the coffee bean I guess & so many people around him like a celebrity. 

Here's the video I've taken from 2nd floor. The original video length is 5 minutes but I used Hyperlapse app to shoot it, so it became 30 seconds with 6x speed. Love to take video with Hyperlapse app since my friend introduced it to me with his own video :) Thanks Ang To!

Here's the link if you prefer to watch it in Youtube page.

Bought few boxes of dolce gusto coffee for 4 boxes at RM 100. Original price RM 28 per box. Dolce gusto is also giving away the free limited edition Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio 2 coffee machine if you are lucky winner ;) Of course there are things you need to do to entitle for the contest entry :) If you want one, please go and find it out. 

Photo credit:
The design is from famed New York-based graffiti artist - Billy The Artist.

Enjoy your coffee weekend ;) and well done CAFFA! 

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