Sunday, December 28, 2014

Look Up by Gary Turk

I watched this video the moment it hits to the Internet. Some people like & agree with it, some just think the video is just another form of getting famous & get more hit. Well you judge it.

Personally, I like the idea of both, whether he makes the video for ads profit or trying to tell the world don't get addicted to Internet too much. I mean common sense, do not abuse the power of technology & live a better life. I'm not saying do not use your mobile phone or Internet, but rather use it wisely &  when necessary. We still have a normal life to live other than Internet the fancy world. Let me share it here :

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Foodlogy Restaurant @ Viva Residency Jln Ipoh

It is always troublesome to find place to eat when it comes to a raining day. Why? The reason is need to find a shelter where you do not need to use umbrella or get yourself wet on a raining day. 
So it comes to 2 places where we can choose from. Publika or Viva Residency. One common is that both have plenty of car park space within the building. No need umbrella and get wet. 

Publika is always my first choice whenever a raining day, but because of failing to continue Publikans mobile app which I totally given up (ya, call me a coward) due to legitimacy issue that I've decided not to go Publika so frequently. I still love Publika though, but there was no more excitement that could driven me to go there. Anyway, so now my choice left only Viva Residency, which is much nearer to where I stay.