Sunday, December 21, 2014

Foodlogy Restaurant @ Viva Residency Jln Ipoh

It is always troublesome to find place to eat when it comes to a raining day. Why? The reason is need to find a shelter where you do not need to use umbrella or get yourself wet on a raining day. 
So it comes to 2 places where we can choose from. Publika or Viva Residency. One common is that both have plenty of car park space within the building. No need umbrella and get wet. 

Publika is always my first choice whenever a raining day, but because of failing to continue Publikans mobile app which I totally given up (ya, call me a coward) due to legitimacy issue that I've decided not to go Publika so frequently. I still love Publika though, but there was no more excitement that could driven me to go there. Anyway, so now my choice left only Viva Residency, which is much nearer to where I stay.

Foodlogy Restaurant is located behind Tasty Flavours Restaurant in Viva Residency, same row as Tommy Le Baker, has finally opened its door. The menu (partly) is designed by a French, the friendly lady said. So I guessed she must be the Lady Boss :) By the way, I love the logo of the restaurant ;)

She was so kind to introduce us what's good there. I couldn't remember all but for me I always go for the safest choice first because if it doesn't pass my taste expectation of the safest dish, then I won't be going back to that restaurant, ever. I'm so snobbish. Then, I had Pan Fried Chicken Fillet, yes chicken dish is always the safest to go first, while my partner chose Malaysian Delight (Local menu) for dinner. Let's see the photos & my honest comments.

Pan Fried Chicken Fillet 
RM 25.90
Comment: Overall it was okay. I liked the sauce on the chicken fillet. I wished the carrots were boiled softer. One thing that I want to say here is, the price is a bit high. I mean the location is Viva Residency, the restaurant lot looks like restaurant-taking-over from previous owner & didn't do much renovation with it (correct me if I'm wrong). For this price, I would have gone to KLPac's Societe Cafe to eat if it wasn't raining.

Malaysian Delight
RM 15.90
Comment: The satay was hard. The cracker was not crispy at all. Nothing to shout about, pretty ordinary. 

I really admired the restaurant owner. There were few restaurants opened & closed in Viva Residency and I am not sure will Foodlogy survives in that less spending power area. 
Not comparing the food selection of the restaurants but location strategy, take Station One as example, previously opened in corner-front lot which was closed down due to unknown reason. 
But I went there twice before and it wasn't many customers. For that food price I thought it could survive for a long time but it didn't. More foreign employees are moving in that area's condo like The Majestic and Rivercity Condo. Consumer's spending is lesser and lesser & for the locals they are saving money as the GST is coming next year. LOL. I'm not sure though, what do you think?

I wish all the best for Foodlogy. I will go back again, if raining day :)
I did notice there was a sign board saying Delivery... maybe can call for delivery food. (correct me if I'm wrong)

Address : B-01, Viva Residency, Jalan Suppiah Pillay Off Jalan Ipoh 51200 KL
FacebookFoodlogy Restaurant
Tel : 03-40504636

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