Monday, December 14, 2015

X Factor UK 2015 Winner - Louisa Johnson

Photo taken from Louisa Johnson's Instagram

So happy for Louisa Johnson. 
I will definitely buy your album next year!
And I will download your single Forever Young in iTunes!

Thank you so much for the beautiful vocal.
You fought for every single song you sang during the entire X Factor show, and never be in the bottom!
Thank you so much for each incredible performance in X Factor UK 2015!

Monday, November 2, 2015

X Factor UK 2015 : Result Show for Live Show Round 1

The result show : - I can't believe Alien Uncovered is in bottom 3...gosh! X factor is gonna be boring without the group :(

Recap for Live Show round 1 performances (below)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

X Factor UK 2015 - Live Show Round 1 [FULL VIDEOS]

Here's the complete clips for the LIVE SHOW - Round 1 !

Special thanks to Anthony Ying for uploading the videos.

Live Show - Intro

X Factor UK 2015 - 6 Chair Challenge (Girls) [VIDEO]

Special thanks to Anthony Ying who uploaded the full clips for the rest of world that only can watch online via Youtube.

Here's the 6 Chair challenge for Girls category.

Katie Coleman - first girl for the category fights for 6 chair challenge and wasn't good enough to get the seat.

Karen Mav - first girl to take the seat but it ain't for long :(

Monday, October 19, 2015

Ratatouille La Gourmet @ Publika

Driving out from Publika about a week ago and saw the white outdoor set up in the front row shop-lot. 
Looking up is the huge restaurant named Ratatouille! 
I always love Ratatouille movie and have been watching it from time to time. 
So first impression by the name Ratatouille, we decided must give it a try.

X Factor UK 2015 - 6 Chair Challenge (Overs) [VIDEO]

Just want to put all the video clips in one blog for everybody. It is easier this way. 

Special thanks to Anthony Ying who always update the X Factor video clips in Youtube:

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

X Factor UK 2015 - 6 Chair Challenge (Boys) [VIDEO]

It was boring in the beginning where few of the contestant just didn't sing well & resulted no seat taken yet.

Ⓒ ITV - Tom Bleasby

Then Tom Bleasby came up on stage & broke the silent. He sang 'I Look To You'. Personally myself thought, it wasn't a good audition despite interesting voice. But Nick Grimshaw gotta put someone in the seat! Tom was good enough to put through, I guess. 
However, Tom was swapped away with Ben Clark later & again brought him back by swapping with Nathanael. 

Pheww! That was intense! 
Lastly, breaking news from ITV official website that Tom Bleasby has decided to LEAVE the competition after everything he just went through. 
Here is the full interview with Tom Bleasby : "This isn't the end, it just a new beginning"

Friday, October 9, 2015

Mariner of the Seas : Full Day Cruising 2 (11 & 12/6/2013)

Mariner of the Seas has many activities arranged for the guests and we found ourself rather doing nothing. We don't climb, ski or golf. So basically we were just walking around the giant ship and relax-bored-to-death kind of feeling. 

Honestly I did not explore every corner on Mariner of the Seas, hence looking forward to go onboard again soon. Eating, drinking, sun tanning and sleeping were the only things I've done on  the ship; while always patiently waiting for next shore excursion. 


Lift waiting area

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mariner of the Seas : Shore Excursion - Vung Tau (Vietnam)

Daily schedule compass would be delivered to your room every evening & I was impressed with their creativity. They making animal with towel. 

Been 36 hours on sailing since leaving MBCCS, finally Mariner of the Seas has arrived in Phu My Vietnam around 7am on 3rd day. We got up early to avoid the crowds and met up with the group members. They were under the same group arranged by Holiday Tours, mostly were from Malaysia as well. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

第50屆電視金鐘獎得獎名單 50th Golden Bell Awards 2015

莊凱勛 /公視人生劇展—回家路上(安澤映畫有限公司)
吳慷仁 /麻醉風暴(財團法人公共電視文化事業基金會)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Malayan Aromas Cafe @ Plaza Riverwalk

This is another late post of mine, about this local cuisine cafe which was opened more than 6 months ago in Plaza Riverwalk, Malayan Aromas Cafe.

Just in case if you don't know Plaza Riverwalk, it is located in Rivercity, Off Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (Jalan Ipoh, opposite the popular Jalan Ipoh Dim Sum). If you know about Aeon BiG supermarket, then you will know Plaza Riverwalk. Malayan Aromas Cafe is just one floor above Aeon BiG. It is owned by a nice Chinese lady who is there most of the time, and it serves local cuisine like Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Curry Chicken, Fried Kuey Tiao, Prawn Mee and so on. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mariner of the Seas : Full Cruising Day in South China Sea (9 June 2013)

Let me recap what I did after the ship leaving MBCCS. Basically it was dinner and being blown away for what I'd never thought it was possible until I witnessed with my own eyes. I am so sorry for the lousy photos I show here, I don't have a standard or professional digital camera though.

3 Photos below: after found the room, time for wow factor.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Mariner of the Seas : Departure from Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore

8 June 2013, early morning we took off from sweet home to KLIA via KLIA express in KL Sentral. We also did the check-in there in MAS counter. Very efficient & convenient for us. We let Holiday Tours booked the KL-SG flight because it was easy managed & cheap. We also joined the tour in Shanghai for a few nights stay before flying back to KL. 

It was close to 12pm by the time we arrived in Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore. I remembered the taxi driver wasn't sure where was the cruise centre because it was newly opened. But Mariner of the Seas wasn't the 1st cruise ship welcomed in this Terminal. According to MBCCS portal, the 1st welcome cruise ship was Voyager of the Seas by Royal Caribbean, same class as Mariner of the Seas. (

Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore, in 2013 (front angle)

I'm not sure why it display Explorer of the Seas, instead of Mariner of the Seas, or maybe at least Voyager of the Seas. Promote purpose?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

YES, You are terrible!

For the past 6 years I've been living in Saffron condo using Extiva, no other ISP available for home users. There was no major issue about Extiva until recent year YES "took over" Extiva and 100% of reisdents voted to bring in another ISP which is TIME. When YES know about this, immediately they came up with the package of RM 129 10mbps unlimited data for Saffron residents. By then, after the voting spoken, I have moved to Capers 2 blocks away from Saffron. And you know what, because Capers was just VPed in January 2015 and they have full control over the management and everything in Capers, therefore we as owners (residents) have no choice but to subscribe YES. I knew about this during launching and I was okay with it, cos I don't see any other option based on experience in Saffron. Then again, RM 179 10mbps unlimited data for Capers. What did I say? Double standard! You see, RM 129 10mbps for Saffron residents, but RM 179 10mbps for Capers residents; this is so business strategy for monopoly. So I am pretty sure after 2 years, we owners will decide to change to another ISP, no matter what cost it gonna take us (I'm sure TIME can waive the installation cost if we all residents take up their package, just like what happened in Saffron).

Anyway, today I'm writing this, is not the price & monopoly shit. I never good in word, like my blog description stated. But I'm pretty straight forward guy.

I always forget my password for the web portal to login My Account. Make sense for everyone to just click "Forgot Password" and we can reset the password. So did I. But after changed to new password, I try to login again and it failed giving me the error message :

"The Yes ID or Password you entered is incorrect. Please re-enter your Yes ID and Password."

Then, what is the point of having the "Forgot Password" feature for user to retrieve their password or reset password? The only purpose of the automate feature is to make convenient to users as well as the server team. It is the most common feature in all website and even myself as Front/Back-end developer know about how to do this, but YES developers couldn't do this simple feature? Come on! Hired expat to work for you and they can't seen to solve the issue? 

I called YES Customer Service and they have only 2 customer service staff in charge for Capers condominium Internet service and a backend team for Capers Internet configuration. Now back to my issue, I called to ask why every time I cannot login after I reset to new password successfully? The answer is always the same and that is, "We will pass to our backend team to check on this and we will call you back later." I'm not blaming on the customer service staff. In fact I pity them for have to deal with a angry customer like me. Yeah! Of course I am still angry the moment writing this post. I'm pretty sure you will be angry too, after so many times reset the password and still cannot login to the web portal. 

Here's the screenshot I do just to show you:

First I click on the Forgot Password link.

Key in the YES ID so that they will send email with Reset Password link to your email address.

Then here is the email looks like: