Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Malayan Aromas Cafe @ Plaza Riverwalk

This is another late post of mine, about this local cuisine cafe which was opened more than 6 months ago in Plaza Riverwalk, Malayan Aromas Cafe.

Just in case if you don't know Plaza Riverwalk, it is located in Rivercity, Off Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (Jalan Ipoh, opposite the popular Jalan Ipoh Dim Sum). If you know about Aeon BiG supermarket, then you will know Plaza Riverwalk. Malayan Aromas Cafe is just one floor above Aeon BiG. It is owned by a nice Chinese lady who is there most of the time, and it serves local cuisine like Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Curry Chicken, Fried Kuey Tiao, Prawn Mee and so on. 

We go there quite often like few times a week ever since their opening. Such a convenient for nearby residents and the food price is reasonable. Obviously it is another option for people like me who is not really keen to take the trouble driving far just for a simple meal. You know how bad road traffic is in Klang Valley, especially peak hours.

Outdoor tables for outdoor person :)

I've tried almost everything but I don't have the photos here to share with you cos I already posted in my FB. However, from today onwards I will edit this post by uploading new food photo every time I go there, alright? 

Not really sure if the lady boss has already done some social media post or ask flavour from famous food blogger, but I just wanna do her a good cause. I do not interview nor have a long chat with her but sometimes we don't have to know their background in order to taste their food, to judge whether is it good or bad. For me, I will write if the food is good AND bad. Well, not just the food, I judge them also based on quality of service & location. Well, I like to stick to one area rather than going anywhere for food & trying to get high web traffic if you know what I mean. 

Here's few photos which I had lunch there today. I was craving curry chicken this morning and luckily today's lunch set in Aromas was Dried Curry Chicken Rice (and Curry Laksa). The lunch set was so value for money. Great portion and enough to fulfil my hungry lust. 

Dried Curry Chicken Rice - Wednesday lunch set. It comes with a drink (below). RM 12.80 included GST. No service charge!!! 
Rating : 4/5

My favourite warm Barley drink. You can add syrup to make it suits your taste.

I got one small drumstick, half thigh & half breast meat. Great & thick aroma curry sauce. Yummy. 

Sambal Prawns, it also in lunch set but not sure which weekday :) 

It was 5 sizeable prawns, comes with lady's fingers.
Rating : 4/5

For past 2 months Aromas has this porridge buffet eat all you can for lunch hour until 4-5pm if not mistaken. The price is around RM 18 per person. I had tried it, worth the value, I mean it completely driven me back to my childhood memory where I came from and a simple meal like porridge comes salted egg & pickled lettuce, was just fulfilling for kampong people. Gosh, it was totally a #throwback memory! 

I loved the top center snack when I was little kid.

Eat all you can. 

I have a few picks in Aromas as my favourites, and one of them is Hainanese Chicken Rice. Sorry for half-way-eating-it photo. Love the tender steamed chicken meat and the chilli sauce is one to die for! Also available in weekday lunch set. 
Rating : 5/5

Aromas also doing group function. This I'm not so sure but if you have interest, please call Amy at +60162267937 for further enquiries.

Location Conveniency: 
Park inside Plaza Riverwalk, RM 1 per hour. 
Advise you to park on the roadside if it is evening hours, free of charge mah.
Do not park on the roadside during lunch hour because you'll get summon card.

How to go there:

Operating Hours: Daily from 8.30am to 8.30pm.

Malayan Aromas Cafe
Level 1, Plaza Riverwalk, Jalan Selvadurai, 
Off Jalan Sultan Azlan Syah, 51200 KL

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