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Mariner of the Seas : Departure from Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore

8 June 2013, early morning we took off from sweet home to KLIA via KLIA express in KL Sentral. We also did the check-in there in MAS counter. Very efficient & convenient for us. We let Holiday Tours booked the KL-SG flight because it was easy managed & cheap. We also joined the tour in Shanghai for a few nights stay before flying back to KL. 

It was close to 12pm by the time we arrived in Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore. I remembered the taxi driver wasn't sure where was the cruise centre because it was newly opened. But Mariner of the Seas wasn't the 1st cruise ship welcomed in this Terminal. According to MBCCS portal, the 1st welcome cruise ship was Voyager of the Seas by Royal Caribbean, same class as Mariner of the Seas. (

Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore, in 2013 (front angle)

I'm not sure why it display Explorer of the Seas, instead of Mariner of the Seas, or maybe at least Voyager of the Seas. Promote purpose?

Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore, in 2013 (right-corner angle)

Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore, in 2013 (right-corner angle & in Fisheye lens)

By 12:30pm the crowds started to queue up for security check & I couldn't wait for the boarding. We were hungry la. I recalled, there was no cafe or restaurant inside or outside the terminal, but I believe the F&B retails are in operation now (2015 already la). Maybe any of you can share me the photos by commenting in my post below. Thanks. I hope I have the chance again to visit MBCCS.

After security check point, guests were required to fill up forms & get necessary document ready for final check-in step (pics above). In this final step, they issued us the boarding card with all information on it, e.g. name, room no, dining room & time, and table no (pic below). But still, we had to wait for the boarding. The instruction was given, informing guests to come forward when the number is called. 

I forgot what's C14 stands for =.=!!!

Took this while waiting for my number to get boarding. Still have so many guests queuing up for security check. 

Thanks to Olloclip for the wide angle lens for iPhone :)

The feeling was mixed, curiosity & excitement. Eventually queuing up for boarding! Look at the uncle and aunt in the photo (the hand pose), they seem waiting impatiently. I know, it was a long wait for everyone (close to 2 hours procedures & waiting in MBCCS).

We got lost inside the ship with intention of looking for the stateroom. As you can see, the luggage was sent to your room by staff, so you don't have to carry your luggage all the way while looking for room. Sorry for the shaky video.

This was the room we got. The cheapest range :) Although I would love to have a ocean view room, if possible come with balcony :D Next life la. 

The bathroom was extremely small. Luckily I'm a typical small size Asian. Imagine the Westerner trying to fit into this small bathroom. I recalled most of guest were particularly big size though no offence. 

After settling in, we quickly looking for the restaurant for food. We were damn famished! All you can eat in this restaurant (I will dig out the restaurant name later). This restaurant served buffet style meals. Because of Asian route, so the Asian typically Chinese can enjoy their Chinese-style food here! ~arghh! Enough of Chinese food la.

Didn't take photo of food there. I thought that I still had many days ahead, so maybe next day :)

After the meal, it was cruising moment, to check out what's await us in this city-like ship. Now in this page I'm not going to show the photos of the surrounding. You can check it in next post. Allow me to show the video of Mariner of the Seas leaving MBCCS about 7 o'clock in the evening. Of course some photos as well. 

Café Promenade that serves free flow of coffee, pastries & snacks. It's complimentary, you can eat as much as you want. We had what's shown in photo below just before saying goodbye to Singapore.

Pastries & snacks, as well as fruits.

Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore (MBCCS) with Marina Bay Sands & Singapore Eye

I was so face-rounded back then. Waiting for departure!

See you again next time, Singapore! The cruise ship in the photo was Costa Atlantica (click here if you want to find out what it offers)

Luckily iPhone 4S has panorama mode.

And also special thanks to Olloclip iPhone 3 in 1 lens. This is Fisheye lens. Love this photo myself!

Sunset in Singapore, view from roof top Mariner of the Seas

Eventually...Mariner of the Seas set on sail for 11 days across South China Sea! I had no idea what's gonna happen because it was my first time on cruising trip.

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