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Mariner of the Seas : Full Cruising Day in South China Sea (9 June 2013)

Let me recap what I did after the ship leaving MBCCS. Basically it was dinner and being blown away for what I'd never thought it was possible until I witnessed with my own eyes. I am so sorry for the lousy photos I show here, I don't have a standard or professional digital camera though.

3 Photos below: after found the room, time for wow factor.

In one of the staircase corridor. Great piece of art :)

1st dinner night in Mariner of the Seas.

7:30PM Big Screen Movie : Guilt Trip on Pool Deck. 

Okay, what happened on the 1st full day of cruising was just doing nothing much but relax. Eat drink and cruise. Hahaha. Of course there were scheduled activities, you could participate if you want. Sports activities like Ice Skating, Golf, Volleyball and Table-tennis competition; some were purely relaxing leisure like watching movie in the cinema room, enjoying music & view near the swimming pool, or attending skin care & champagne seminars. Oh yeah, not to mention the casino was almost 24 hours operation, I think :) Here's the daily schedule prepared for the guests. 

Thanks to this printed timetable, it is so useful for reminding me what have I been doing the whole day, even until today :) - To enlarge, click on photo.

Here I will show photos with caption on, mostly just what I ate & did on the 1st day of cruising.

Early in the morning after breakfast.

One of the stunning staircase view.

The Savoy Theatre in Mariner of the Seas. Stunning isn't it? We were here after breakfast to attend 0930 short briefing about Vietnam & Hong Kong. Next stop will be Vietnam. Luckily the excursion tour is included in Holiday Tours package. 

I lost my phone in this theatre during a 3D movie. I went crazy realising I was going to lose all photos, after few days of the cruise journey. Thank God one of the staff returned it to me during cleaning after movie, after I'd lost myself for 15 minutes I think. 

Some people were actually running on this track every morning. I would suggest to do running on the treadmill in the gym room though. YES, there is a huge gym room on the head of the ship. Later will show the pic.

Pool Deck in Mariner of the Seas.

Around 10:30am 9 June 2013. Sun tanning. 

Selfie time.

Lunch at The Boardwalk Dog House!

Unlimited hotdogs in the house!

This is Schooner Bar on Deck 4

A day without Internet! YES, there was no free Internet wifi except Internet Room where you have pay for it. I remembered I paid for few minute Internet connection trying to contact my friend in HK and it wasn't cheap. Few dollars per minute I recalled.

4pm Movie time. It was Pitch Perfect. Not really excellent cos we sat far corner in the room. Back to room and get change after the movie. That night was proper dinner at The Sound of Music on Deck 5.

Sunset before the dinner 

Pose while waiting for our table.

That's our tour leader, Kief. 

There it goes, one full day of cruising in South China Sea. Actually it was boring to me on the full day cruising. I guessed the main reason was I never joined cruise tour before. Today, I feel like going back on cruise though :) Alright, next post will be talking about Vietnam excursion tour (3rd day). 

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