Monday, October 19, 2015

Ratatouille La Gourmet @ Publika

Driving out from Publika about a week ago and saw the white outdoor set up in the front row shop-lot. 
Looking up is the huge restaurant named Ratatouille! 
I always love Ratatouille movie and have been watching it from time to time. 
So first impression by the name Ratatouille, we decided must give it a try.

X Factor UK 2015 - 6 Chair Challenge (Overs) [VIDEO]

Just want to put all the video clips in one blog for everybody. It is easier this way. 

Special thanks to Anthony Ying who always update the X Factor video clips in Youtube:

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

X Factor UK 2015 - 6 Chair Challenge (Boys) [VIDEO]

It was boring in the beginning where few of the contestant just didn't sing well & resulted no seat taken yet.

Ⓒ ITV - Tom Bleasby

Then Tom Bleasby came up on stage & broke the silent. He sang 'I Look To You'. Personally myself thought, it wasn't a good audition despite interesting voice. But Nick Grimshaw gotta put someone in the seat! Tom was good enough to put through, I guess. 
However, Tom was swapped away with Ben Clark later & again brought him back by swapping with Nathanael. 

Pheww! That was intense! 
Lastly, breaking news from ITV official website that Tom Bleasby has decided to LEAVE the competition after everything he just went through. 
Here is the full interview with Tom Bleasby : "This isn't the end, it just a new beginning"

Friday, October 9, 2015

Mariner of the Seas : Full Day Cruising 2 (11 & 12/6/2013)

Mariner of the Seas has many activities arranged for the guests and we found ourself rather doing nothing. We don't climb, ski or golf. So basically we were just walking around the giant ship and relax-bored-to-death kind of feeling. 

Honestly I did not explore every corner on Mariner of the Seas, hence looking forward to go onboard again soon. Eating, drinking, sun tanning and sleeping were the only things I've done on  the ship; while always patiently waiting for next shore excursion. 


Lift waiting area