Friday, October 9, 2015

Mariner of the Seas : Full Day Cruising 2 (11 & 12/6/2013)

Mariner of the Seas has many activities arranged for the guests and we found ourself rather doing nothing. We don't climb, ski or golf. So basically we were just walking around the giant ship and relax-bored-to-death kind of feeling. 

Honestly I did not explore every corner on Mariner of the Seas, hence looking forward to go onboard again soon. Eating, drinking, sun tanning and sleeping were the only things I've done on  the ship; while always patiently waiting for next shore excursion. 


Lift waiting area

Promenade View

The Savoy theatre

Somewhere near Promenade 

Johnny Rockets At Sea. The cover charge was just USD 5 per person, eat all you can; unfortunately drink was not included in the cover charge. 

The menu

Fried Onion Ring & fries. 


Totally worth the value. You can't get a burger like this in any Johnny Rockets in Malaysia. When I was having this at sea, Malaysia didn't have Johnny Rockets yet. So if you ask me how's it in Malaysia? Seriously bad in portion & quality. Price in Malaysia is ridiculous!

Next stop would be Hong Kong on 12th June in the evening. No itinerary was prepared for HK excursion, so we were just get off from the ship and took a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus for visiting The Peak Tram. What could I say. We were not adventurous & I was afraid of too much time waiting for HOHO bus especially during peak hours in the city. 

...continues with photo story below.

Here's the video during arrival in Hong Kong's one of the used-to-airport pier called Kai Tak Cruise Terminal (啟德郵輪碼頭)

12th June 2013 evening hour, Mariner of the Seas approaching Hong Kong :)

Seriously I had no idea that Hong Kong consists of island & mainland. Been watching so many HK dramas for years & had no idea about this. I will be cursed by HongKi (Hong Kong people)

Approaching the terminal.

Inside the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

Trying to get shuttle bus.

Free Shuttle busy to APM mall. 

So happening with lots of guest from the Cruise.

APM Mall. Just another typical shopping mall in Malaysia. Asian's trademark. Had a cup of coffee in one of the cafe & then back to cruise-ship for sleeping.

Hong Kong - Hop On Hop Off tour : Next Post

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