Monday, October 19, 2015

Ratatouille La Gourmet @ Publika

Driving out from Publika about a week ago and saw the white outdoor set up in the front row shop-lot. 
Looking up is the huge restaurant named Ratatouille! 
I always love Ratatouille movie and have been watching it from time to time. 
So first impression by the name Ratatouille, we decided must give it a try.

We went there for lunch set. 
Nowadays every restaurant has lunch set, don't they?
Love the outdoor set up but a bit disappointed with the interior layout.  

Here's the lunch set.

Like I always do, order the safest & common food for first visit. 
So my choice was from lunch set : Rosemary Chicken @ RM 25.90 nett inclusive of a drink (Ice Lemon Tea, Tea or Coffee)

Lunch Set : Rosemary Chicken RM 25.90 nett, inclusive of one drink.

Looks nothing special. The chicken meat was not hot enough & a bit over roasted. 
According to their website that Chef Brian use freshest product for the quality & provenance, which personally I think fail in my first visit. 
The chicken meat tasted hard & seemed like freezing for a long time. 
Then they took out and defrost it and heat it up?

If fail in my first visit, the loyalty drops 50%. I might come for 2nd visit, but that would totally depending on my mood. 
Just my personal view. 
Food is very subjective though!

Lunch Set : Grilled Chicken Thigh with mushroom truffle sauce RM 15.90 nett, inclusive of one drink.

Anything suspicious with the dish name & pic above? 
Not really sure if they've done it wrong or that chicken thigh was actually grilled?
It looks deep fried chicken thigh to me, though.
We've asked when both came to our table and the lady assured it that mine was Rosemary Chicken. 
That means the another one was definitely Grilled Chicken Thigh.

Overall experience was a bit disappointing but its alright. I might go back for 2nd time and try other dishes. 
If they don't improve still during my 2nd visit, then good luck to you all. 
Food is very subjective. 

The water fountain 

There is one private room caters for 8 person, one big TV on the wall and smoking in this room is allowed. 
Guess you can organise a business meeting here. 

You won't call a restaurant as European restaurant without providing variety of wine list.
Hope it suits your taste.

I took a picture of the washroom, simply because of the door sign. 
One thing I had in my mind was, the washroom's done up made me feels better (compare to interior layout of the restaurant.)

P/S : The restaurant do not know I'm a blogger. My visit is purely on my will & cost. Therefore, my personal comment are genuine & subjective, based on my tongue.

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Ratatouille La Gourmet @ Publika
Unit A4-G1-08 (same row as Edo-Ichi Japanese restaurant)
Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +601120202800

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