Monday, November 2, 2015

X Factor UK 2015 : Result Show for Live Show Round 1

The result show : - I can't believe Alien Uncovered is in bottom 3...gosh! X factor is gonna be boring without the group :(

Recap for Live Show round 1 performances (below)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

X Factor UK 2015 - Live Show Round 1 [FULL VIDEOS]

Here's the complete clips for the LIVE SHOW - Round 1 !

Special thanks to Anthony Ying for uploading the videos.

Live Show - Intro

X Factor UK 2015 - 6 Chair Challenge (Girls) [VIDEO]

Special thanks to Anthony Ying who uploaded the full clips for the rest of world that only can watch online via Youtube.

Here's the 6 Chair challenge for Girls category.

Katie Coleman - first girl for the category fights for 6 chair challenge and wasn't good enough to get the seat.

Karen Mav - first girl to take the seat but it ain't for long :(